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Chapter 6: Vs the Mega Swatbot

As the 2 stared each other down, Snively made the first move.

"Say your prayers, hedgehog!" he proclaimed, pushing a few buttons.

Within a split second, he fired laser after laser at Sonic, but missed, as the blue blur jumped towards the left and right to evade every single attack.

"Oh, so you want to heat things up, eh?" Sonic said, revving up his legs. "Well check this out!"

The blue hedgehog then ran around his Mega Swatbot at blazing speeds, even in between the robot's legs, trying to confuse his foe.

"Hold still, you pest!" Snively yelled, pressing the button repeatedly to fire the laser gun.

Again and Again, Snively desperately tried to blast the blue hedgehog, but continued to miss his target.

After a dozen misses, Sonic decided to make things more interesting.

"Hey needle nose," Sonic said, coming to a stop in front of his robot, "Your machine is a joke. So, I'll tell ya what. I'll stand right here and give you a clear shot at me. Sound fair?"

Snively was enraged at his taunting, declaring fervently, "That's does it, blue boy! Now I'm going to really let you have it!"

Snively then charged the laser cannon to full power and aimed it at the blue hedgehog's head. Sonic of course was just yawning while he did so.

"Let's see you evade this, rodent!" he shouted.

Snively instantly mashed the button with his right index finger, now firing a massive laser beam at Sonic. However, to no one's surprise, Sonic took off before it could even touch him.

"Oh brother, you are the worst shot in the world, Snobley." The blue hedgehog commented with a chuckle.

Snively then banged the dash, yelling "You're not getting away from me that easily!"

"Ok, how bout this then?" Sonic quickly ran next to the feet of Snively's robot, saying nonchalantly, "I'll give you five seconds to try and smash me with those giant clod hoppers of yours."

Snively's anger again rose at his taunting words. However, when he saw Sonic start to count, he decided to take him on his dare.

Little did he realize however, the blue hedgehog was again one step ahead of him, as he started counting faster the closer the Mega Swatbot's metal foot came towards him. When the foot finally got too close for comfort, Sonic finished counting and quickly moved out of the way.

"Hey, you cheated!" Snively protested in disgust.

"You know what they say, Shorty." Sonic retorted with a smug grin. "All's fair in love and war. Anyway, I'll be nice and give ya another shot."

Snively then tried again to smash the blue hedgehog, but would come up empty once more.

"Last chance, needle nose!"

Snively attempted a 3rd time to flatten Sonic with his robot's metal foot, only to have the same result as before… utter failure.

"Aw, too bad…" Sonic taunted. "Looks like you were too slow again. Oh well, see ya!"

Once Sonic blasted off, Snively yelled at him, "Oh no you don't!"

The small tyrant then put the legs' system on full power, and chased down his foe. While the blue hedgehog began running around, he heard a large thumping sound not too far behind him.

"Oh, so your robot's faster than I thought… Well, try and keep up, chump!"

Sonic soon increased his speed and then led Snively on a wild chase all over Robotropolis. Amazingly, Snively's Mega Swatbot was still able to keep Sonic in his sights the whole time.

After this went on for about a minute, the blue hedgehog grew tired of this game and decided to end it. Leading the Mega Swatbot near a junk pile, he quickly set up a trap. Once it was in position, Sonic darted to the left at the last possible second.

Snively unfortunately didn't see the low steel beam Sonic had set up a hundred feet ahead and his robot tripped over it, sending him and his machine crashing heavily into a heap of scrap metal.

Seeing the robot down for the count, the blue hedgehog declared triumphantly, raising his right fist in the air. "Yea, nailed one mondo ugly Swatbutt!"

"Well, that's that." He said, dusting his hands. Time to find Sal."

But before he couldn't even take off, he quickly saw the shadow of Snively's robot creeping up from behind him.

"Whoa, you are persistent, aren't you, needle nose?"

Snively was now fully seething inside. "Fun and games are over, rodent!" he declared incensed. "Now I'm going to unleash my full wrath on you!"

"Ooh, I'm sooooooo scared now." Sonic mocked.

"You will be, when you see this!"

By this time, Sonic shook his head at his threats, muttering back, "Pfft, give it up, Shorty. You're pathetic."

"You're the one who'll be pathetic in a minute!"

"You know what? You're boring me. Adios, Snobley."

Sonic then blasted off, but to his great surprise, he was hit this time by Snively's laser blast, sending him skidding across the floor.

"What the heck? How did you hit me so easily?" the blue hedgehog demanded in disbelief, now standing up.

"This is how, you rotten braggart!

Snively then released a super fast mini rocket into the air and pressed the laser button. To Sonic great shock, the gun was pointed away from the rocket, yet it still honed in on it and blasted it to bits

"How is that even possible?" Sonic inquired perplexed

"Simple, my blue nemesis…" Snively shot back. "When my former Uncle Julian stole a Power Ring from your cowardly coyote friend, he invented a sonic honing radar system."

Sonic was very familiar with that experience.

"However," the small dictator explained, "the system would only work as long as a Power Ring was its main power source."

He then added with a sly grin, "But that isn't true anymore. Thanks to my brilliant ingenuity, I've taken those same schematics of his machine and modified its design to track anything at Mach 1 speed or higher. So now, my laser cannon can hone in on you without your precious ring, making your super speed, useless!" Ah Ha Ha Ha!"

As Sonic looked on with a frown, Snively told him with a sly taunt, "And if that's not enough of a bonus, I have you to thank for helping me power my new super weapon even better than what I had planned."

"What are you blabbing about, Snobley?" Sonic demanded.

"You mean you forgot about it already? The small dictator retorted. "Surely you must have seen by now the stone that powered that pathetic underground shelter was taken when you arrived to transfer your meddlesome siblings."

Sonic instantly did a double take, saying, "You don't mean…?"

"That's right!" Snively declared with glee. "That precious stone is now not only powering my super sonic honing device, but my entire Mega Swatbot too!"

Snively again let out a hearty laugh at his foe. It was that moment Sonic immediately figured out how the Swatbot was able to keep up with him when it ran after him.

The blue hedgehog then demanded with arched eyebrows, "Oh yea? If it's such a wonder machine, then how come didn't you use it against me sooner, Snurvely?"

"Simple, I wanted you to let your guard down. And you took the bait, hook, line and sinker."

Sonic then gritted his teeth and shot back, "We'll see who's the bait in a second!"

Meanwhile , Bunnie and Cream ran back into the prison to find Big.

However, by the time they got there, there was no sign of him anywhere, not even metal remains of any Swatbots.

After a thorough inspection of the entire area, Cream asked the cyborg rabbit softly with a bit of fear in her voice, "Where's my big brother? What happened to him? Why is he not here?"

Bunnie then scratched her head, replying deeply perplexed, "Ah don't know, Sugarcube. It looks like he just vanished into thin air."

At that moment, Cream's mind soon became paralyzed with fear, asking with a whimper and a tear in her eye, "You… you don't think those bad bots took Big to those awful robot rooms and did something terrible to him, do you?"

Sensing the panic in her body expression, Bunnie knelt at her eye level, replying while placing a hand on her shoulder, "Now don't you go borrowing trouble there, youngin. We don't know for sure where he is now."

"But what else could it be?" Cream argued, raising her voice. "He would have met up with us if he was ok!"

Bunnie instantly shushed her, saying with a slight rebuke, "You're going to draw the attention of more of those nasty Swatbots if you don't keep your voice down."

She then added, "And besides, I'm pretty sure I blasted those roboticizing chambers with a pipe bomb earlier, so there's no way they could have roboticized him, at least not for awhile."

Even so, the cyborg rabbit could tell by her facial expressions they had to check for her own peace of mind. So, Bunnie said to Cream after a heavy sigh, "Very well then, we'll go look in the roboticizing room just to be sure."

Cream slightly nodded her head in response, replying with a sniffle, "Thank you."

When they finally arrived in the room a minute later, Bunnie soon saw the aftermath of her attack. All three of the roboticizing chambers were destroyed.

"See there, Sugarcube?" Bunnie told her confidently. "Ah told ya they couldn't have roboticized him. Its equipment is busted for the time being."

"But, if that's true…" Cream argued. "Then why is it we haven't found him yet?"

Deep down, the cyborg rabbit didn't have a clue why Big had mysteriously disappeared.

Nevertheless, she told the young rabbit, "Well, let's not waste anymore time around here, thinking about what could have happened. He's got to be around here somewhere, so we might as well keep looking, right?

Cream again nodded her head, as they soon ran off towards the next room.

However, as they did so, a shadowy figure crept slowly out of hiding from a well hidden corridor on the right side of the room, softly cackling to himself.

Back outside, the blue hedgehog ran towards the Mega Swatbot at top speed, attempting to attack it with a triple spin.

Unfortunately thanks to perfect timing, Snively pressed the button a split second to fire a large laser shot before he could, knocking him flat on his back.

Sonic though shook his head back and forth to shake the dust and dirt off. Irritated, he began to run around again at Snively's robot, this time only in circles.

But again, the small tyrant just toyed with him, and fired another laser blast. Like before, Sonic was hit and sent flying backwards a 3rd time in a tumbling heap.

Now enraged, the blue hedgehog quickly got up, now trying his sonic buzz saw attack on the feet of the Mega Swatbot, trying to cut them.

Sadly, it was completely ineffective. Sonic couldn't even put a dent in its structure.

Snively quickly laughed at his pathetic attempts, saying with a chortle, "Don't bother trying that move, rodent! They're completely reinforced with steel alloy."

"It's not over till its over!" Sonic proclaimed after bouncing off and landing on the ground nearby.

"C'mon, you pest," Snively dared with dripping glee, "Hit me with your best shot!"

Sonic then tried to use his whirlwind attack to knock the massive robot off its feet, but as with his buzz saw attack, it was totally useless.

"Playtime's over, hedgehog!" the small tyrant declared with a sly grin after this went on for ten seconds, charging the laser as he spoke.

Once it was fully charged, Snively unleashed it on Sonic, who was still trying to make his whirlwind attack work. This time, the laser blast hit him directly from behind, knocking the blue hedgehog high into the air, where he then came crashing to the ground with a loud thud.

Like before, Sonic tried to get up quickly, but could not this time. Snively's large laser blast really knocked him for a loop.

Snively meanwhile laughed heartily at his opponent, taunting "So, who's the pathetic one now, Sonic? I guess that makes you as you call it, "an ordinary slowmo."

Fueled by his taunts, Sonic forced himself to get up.

"I must say, Snobley, he commented with a heavy frown, "you've really outdone yourself this time, but I still got one last trick up my sleeve."

Snively then instantly remembered the hedgehog still hadn't used his Power Ring. The thought of it made him very nervous inside.

"Time to end this silly game of ours once and for all, needle nose!" the blue hedgehog declared boldly, holding it high in the air."

Unfortunately for Sonic, Snively was one step ahead of him. When Sonic attempted to power up, the small tyrant countered it to perfection. He fired a laser at the top part of the ring, which resulted in it being knocked completely out of his hands, landing into a pile of scrap metal fifty feet behind him.

Sonic quickly gasped in shock. He immediately went after it, only to have Snively's radar hone in on him again. The blue hedgehog couldn't even run fifteen feet, where he was soon knocked high into the air by another laser blast from behind, hitting the ground hard with a thud.

"Nice try, rodent," Snively countered, "But you're not going to use that ring on me this time!"

Sonic again tried to get up, but the laser blasts were unfortunately beginning to take its toll on him. His body was very battered and bruised.

Seeing his foe struggling to stand, Snively quickly grabbed the blue hedgehog with his robot's right giant metal hand.

Sonic tried hard to get free, but Snively made sure there would be no escape, as he held him very tightly.

"End of the line, blue boy!" the small dictator declared boldly. "Now I'm gonna crush you into a tiny pebble!"

With things looking grim, Snively then implemented the commands to have the hand squeeze around him at full strength.

However, before he could finish imputing that command into his machine, a pipe bomb from above came flying in and hit the Mega Swatbot directly on top of its head. The impact from the explosion instantly rocked the giant robot all over, making it abruptly drop Sonic from its grasp.

"What the heck was that?" Snively demanded.

He soon heard someone shout from behind, "Hey needle nose, time to even the odds, don't ya think?"

Snively quickly turned around, and there he saw Manic and Sonia now flying towards him on Manic's hoverboard at full speed.

"Why you no good…"

"Have a seat, you maniac!" Sonia yelled, throwing two more pipe bombs at the Mega Swatbot's legs.

Thanks to the female hedgehog's well timed toss, the bombs exploded directly on her designated target, with one bomb hitting each leg, causing the Mega Swatbot to quickly lose its balance and fall to the ground with a loud thud.

While Snively tried to get the machine back on its feet, Sonic finally looked up after shaking his head to clear his vision. There, he saw his siblings quickly heading his way. Seeing their faces brightened his spirits and gave him renewed vigor.

Manic and Sonia rushed over to their brother as fast as they could after they landed and helped him up.

"You ok, Sonic?" Sonia asked concerned after he stood up.

"Yea, a bit dinged up, but I'll live. What are you guys doing here?"

"We saw you were in trouble, so we decided to give you a hand." Manic replied.

"How did you retrieve your board?" Sonic inquired. "I didn't see it with you in the robotizing room."

"Oh that… Well, I had a little help from the Princess and the other Freedom Fighters." Manic explained a bit sheepishly.

As it turned out, after Sally had guided her friends and the shelter citizens out of the building to safety, they soon went back inside, where they thankfully found the room where Snively kept the plunder of those he took captive.

"So where are Sal and the others by way?" Sonic asked

"They're keeping an eye on the civilians and helping them escape back to Knothole." Sonia explained.

"Cool. Hey, thanks for coming to my aid, sibs." Sonic told them with a smile I really appreciate it."

"Anytime, bro…" Manic replied. "That's what siblings are for."

The three hedgehogs then embraced each other tightly, but their touching moment wouldn't last for very long. Five seconds later, Snively finally righted his Mega Swatbot back on it feet, where is soon towered over them again.

"You despicable pests!" he roared. "I'll barbeque your miserable hides for this!"

"Not gonna happen, Snobley!" Sonic retorted boldly. "Now you're gonna see the super hedgehogs in action."

"In your dreams, rodents!" the small dictator shot back.

"So, what do you say we give old needle nose here a lesson he'll never forget." Sonic suggested to his siblings.

"With pleasure." Manic said enthused.

"Let's get em!" Sonia added, smacking her clinched fists together.

As the Mega Swatbot drew closer towards them to attack, Sonic said to his siblings, "Time for teamwork, guys. Split up to keep Snurvley on his toes."

The then hedgehogs then joined hands for a split second and got down to business.

Now the real battle would begin.

"Eat this, you troublemakers!" Snively shouted, firing multiple lasers at each hedgehog. His attacks however were for naught, as all three of them were easily evaded thanks to high agility.

"Now it's my turn." Sonic said, revving up his legs and taking off towards the Mega Swatbot.

Snively soon saw him coming from the west side and quickly charged the laser with the sonic radar.

However, a split second before he could fire, Sonia threw another pipe bomb in front of the laser cannon. The female hedgehog again timed it to perfection, making it explode and completely absorb the laser attack.

"Why you rotten…"

"C'mon, Snobley, hit me with your best shot!" Sonic taunted.

"With pleasure, rodent!"

Sonic again blasted off towards him at top speed again, as Snively activated the sonic radar once more, firing its honing laser again and again.

Sonic though anticipated the timing of this device this time and moved over a couple of feet to the left and right a split second before impact. This move instantly put a look of shock the small tyrant's face.

The blue hedgehog then began running in circles around him to confuse his adversary.

Enraged, Snively hit the button as fast as he could, firing laser after laser at his foe, only to come up empty once again.

While Snively had his attention on Sonic, Manic quickly got on his hover board and flew overhead.

"Bombs away!" the green hedgehog smirked, dropping two more pipe bombs on the head of Snively's Mega Swatbot.

The impact again violently shook Snively's robot all over, even putting it temporarily on the fritz.

"Way cool!" Sonic exclaimed. He then turned to Sonia and asked, "How many of those bombs you have left by the way?"

"We're only down to one now sadly." she replied firmly.

"Hmm, guess we better make it count then." Sonic stated, putting a hand under his chin to ponder it over.

Moments later after the shaking stopped, Snively saw Manic from above and shouted, "I'll blast you out of the sky for this, you troublemaker!"

Snively quickly pointed the laser cannon at the green hedgehog and pressed the button rapidly, firing multiple shots at Manic. Manic however was too slick on his board, using his special aerial moves to evade every attack that came his way.

While this was going on, Sonic was trying to decide where to throw the last pipe bomb at Snively's robot.

"Got any ideas where to plant this, sis?"

Sonia then put a hand on her chin and said a couple seconds later, "Why don't we aim for the laser cannon again? At the very least, it should cause it to malfunction."

"Of course!" Sonic exclaimed, snapping his fingers. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"Guess you need to use your brain more." Sonia teased with a sly smirk.

"Very funny…"

After a brief pause, Sonic said to his sister, "Ok, I'll get Snobley's attention. When you get the chance, aim for the cannon."

"Will do, Sonic."

The blue hedgehog then blasted off for the Mega Swatbot, as Snively continued to try effortlessly to take out the green hedgehog in the air.

"C'mon, is that best you can do?" Manic taunted, while evading every shot. "I'm not even breaking a sweat here."

Snively growled fiercely. "Next time I modify a radar, I'm going to have one that hones onto flying hedgehogs as well!"

Seconds later, Sonic ran up the Mega Swatbot from its west side and soon stood on its head. Then, he whistled loudly to get Snively's attention.


"Why waste your time with him when I'm the one you want, needle nose?"

"You won't get away from me this time, you rotten furball!" Snively yelled.

"Whatever you say, slowmo! See ya!"

And with those words, Sonic blasted down towards the robot and began running around it again.

Snively instantly activated the sonic radar, and fired multiple rounds of lasers at his opponent, only to once again miss completely, as Sonic again outwitted his attacks by zigzag around every laser blast that came near him.

"Hold still, you…!" Snively growled, now hitting the button more rapidly.

While his attention was on the blue hedgehog, Sonia prepared to heave the pipe bomb at their designated target.

Sonic then gave her a clear shot, as he sped past her with Snively still hot on the hedgehog's heels.

Trying to time it to perfection again, Sonia heaved the pipe at the cannon, aiming for the hole of the cannon to make it explode from within.

Strangely, the female hedgehog's aiming would be a bit off this time, but still managed to hit the top of the cannon, resulting in heavy damage to internal circuits.

Snively soon discovered this the hard way, as when he went to fire another laser shot, it would not respond. Instead, it would now only short circuit.

"My laser cannon! NO!" Snively emotions though quickly changed from horror to one of deep rage, shouting, "You'll pay dearly for this, hedgehogs!"

Snively instantly switched strategies, as he began to use his robot's metal instead feet to try and crush the female hedgehog in front of him.

"Yikes!" Sonia then tried to make a desperate run for it, but unfortunately was tripped up by a loose piece of metal on the ground nearby, landing chest first onto the ground. Once there, she found herself cornered by the metal monster, with a large wall of scrap metal behind her.

One hedgehog pancake, coming up!" Snively shouted, gritted his teeth, lifting his Mega Swatbot's right leg high into the air.

Sonic though thankfully came to her rescue, grabbing his sister moments before the foot came crashing down, instantly blasting off.

"Oh no you don't!" Snively immediately gave chase as Sonic continued to run, now carrying his sister in his arms.

While they were being pursued, Manic shouted to them twenty feet in the air with a whistle, "Up here, bro!"

Sonic looked up at his brother right on top of him while running and quickly got the idea. In one quick motion, Manic flew low enough for Sonia to grab onto the board and took off, now out of harm's way.

"Now its just you and me, Snobley!" Sonic said boldly.

"Your pathetic games will soon be coming to an end, hedgehog!" the small dictator proclaimed loudly.

"Sorry, but I've got a lot more tricks left up my sleeve." The blue hedgehog retorted. "Gotta juice!"

And with that statement, he blasted off and soon led Snively's Mega Swatbot on another wild chase around Robotropolis.

Like before, Sonic couldn't shake the giant robot, as it was nearly fast enough to keep pace with him.

Thirty seconds into the chase, the blue hedgehog got another idea. Seeing a building up ahead, Sonic charged for towards one of its walls at full speed. Snively of course took the bait and followed closely behind.

With perfect timing, Sonic darted to the right by mere inches from the wall in front of him.

"Oh no!"

Due to perusing too heavily, Snively had no time to take evasive action, as his robot instantly plowed through the wall at top speed. The impact sent the Mega Swatbot crashing violently inside to the ground with another loud thud, coming to a stop on it back.

As the smoke and the dust began to billow from the inside, Sonic commented with a smirk, "Just like his uncle Robuttnik, fast, but stupid."

"Nice job, bro." Manic complimented overhead.

"Now let's finish off that weasel!" Sonia said invigorated, still clinging onto Manic's hover board.

Within seconds, the three hedgehogs made their way inside. There they saw Snively's robot still on the ground. They soon stood on the shoulders of the Mega Swatbot while Snively was completely dazed from the crash.

"Game over, Shorty!" Sonic proclaimed, now looking at him through his cockpit with anger.

Moments later, Snively cleared his head and saw his foes staring at him vividly.

"Your reign of terror ends now!" the blue hedgehog added sharply.

"Get off my machine, you wretched beasts!" Snively yelled.

"Are you gonna surrender, or do we have to twist your arm out of its socket?" Sonia demanded

"I'll never give in to you low lives!" the small dictator declared. "You hear me, NEVER!"

"Ok then, Snobley. Have it your way." Sonic said with a grin on his face.

Sonic then turned to his siblings and said, "Let's fish him out of his little toy."

"With pleasure." Manic said, cracking his knuckles.

Snively quickly let out a panicked scream, as he saw the looks on their faces. They were dead serious about their intentions.

"Oh no you don't!" he shouted at them. I'm not done yet!"

the small tyrant then quickly used the controls to get his machine to stand up, as well as try and shake off the three hedgehogs off of it . Thankfully he was able to stand it up within seconds, but he still couldn't shake off his foes from his robot. They held on tightly to his contraption in spite of his best efforts.

"Get off you vile rodents before I…"

By mere coincidence, Snively accidently pressed the button that fired the laser while he swung his arm towards them

To everyone's shock, including Snively, the laser now fired with no problems.

"Well what do you know?" the small tyrant commented with glee after having his machine do a quick status report. "My weapon still works, just the radar is toast."

Instantly the faces of the three hedgehogs changed from confident to deep concern. They thought the laser cannon had been taken out by the exploding canister, but they sadly were mistaken.

Snively then pointed the cannon at the hedgehogs who were still on the Mega Swatbot's shoulders, telling them with glee, "Prepare to die!"

"Uh oh, time to bail!" Sonic shouted to his siblings.

Moments before he could hit the button, the three hedgehogs jumped off a split second before it fired, using Manic's hover board to help them coast down to safely. Amazingly, the laser didn't even hit the Mega Swatbot's structure either, as Snively had the cannon aimed it to perfection.

Seconds after landing safely on the ground and running out the building, they looked from behind and saw Snively laughing evilly at them.

"Hey, Shorty, what's so funny?" Sonic demanded

"Oh I'll tell you what's so funny, hedgehog… I'm gonna cheat now to beat you!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sonia asked confused.


Seconds later, Snively's Mega Swatbot turned invisible. Sonic immediately got the gist of what he was trying to say.

"Now let's see you rodents try to stop me!" the small tyrant said, still laughing heartily.

And with that statement, he pressed the controls to have his Mega Swatbot run towards them with fury.

Realizing there was no other option, Sonic shouted to his sibs in a frenzy, "Let's make tracks, guys before that mondo bot squashes us into hedgehog soufflés!"

Hearing the loud stomps coming towards them, Sonic's brother and sister didn't dare to argue with him, as they all ran for it, heading towards a nearby junk pile.

Once they were there, Sonia asked in frustration, "Now how are we gonna defeat that thing?"

"I have no clue." Sonic replied, completely stumped, "but there's got to be a way."

Just then, the three of them heard the same stomping noises again. It was no doubt Snively's robot, but where it was heading, none of them could tell.

"So, where do you think I am now?" Snively asked smugly, now having his robot come to a stop.

"Show yourself, you coward!" Sonic demanded.

Not surprisingly, Snively didn't comply, as he wasn't about to blow his cover.

"Am I here?" he asked, firing lasers to the left.

"Or am I here?" he asked again, firing lasers now to the right.

Even with all the lasers firing about, Sonic and his siblings still couldn't narrow it to down to one specific location.

"Do you have any idea of my whereabouts?" Snively asked defiantly

The hedgehogs didn't answer. His games were getting old fast.

After pausing for then seconds, Snively stated with a slight chuckle, "Oh, that's bad. CAUSE I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!"

Instantly, he fired a laser close to the green hedgehog's feet, knocking him backwards onto the ground.

"Manic!" Sonia shouted, running to his aid.

Snively didn't even give her to assist her brother, as he fired another shot, hitting Sonia directly in her right shoulder. The impact from the laser sent the female hedgehog tumbling ten feet backwards, moderately injuring her.

"SONIA!" Sonic shouted in horror.

The blue hedgehog then heard Snively's laugh again, saying boldly "Two down, one to go!"

"I'm gonna cream you for this, punk!" Sonic stated angrily.

"Dream on, rodent!" the small dictator retorted smugly. You're finished now!"

Sonic then revved his legs and took off towards the shots he saw.

"Yes, that's it, hedgehog! Right this way!"

Snively hit the button twice, firing two lasers at his foe almost simultaneously. Sonic though was able to see the blast's direction as it headed towards him, quickly changing direction to evade the attack.

The small tyrant's face now changed when from cocky to angry in a second. "Ok, let's see you try and avoid this, Sonic!"

Snively now put the cannon on rapid fire, shooting dozens of lasers at the blue hedgehog.

However, since he didn't have the sonic radar anymore, his laser blasts were erratic and all over the place, making them easy to avoid alone. Nevertheless, Sonic unfortunately was soon forced to duck for cover behind another pile of scrap metal nearby due to the fact there were too many lasers for him to deal with at once.

"C'mon out and play, hedgehog!" Snively taunted.

Sonic however wasn't about to play his game. Instead, he quickly backtracked towards his sister without being spotted, who was now on her feet.

"You ok, sis?" Sonic asked.

"Yea, I'll be fine." she replied with a slight groan, rubbing her injured shoulder. "Just a couple of moderate burns is all…"

Manic soon came towards them as well, asking "You guys got any new ideas on how to take this thing out?"

"Not a one, Manic man."

Just then, a large laser blast came right at the blue hedgehog's feet, knocking him backwards to the ground, slightly stunning him.

"Peek-a-boo, I see you!" Snively taunted.

Sonic was getting more frustrated by the second. After he shook his head to clear his vision, he said to them firmly, "Take cover and stay hidden. I'll find a way to bring old needle nose down for good."

His two siblings however shook their heads. "No way, Sonic." Sonia replied sharply. "We're in this together."

"Are you crazy? Snobley will fry you both!" the blue hedgehog argued

"Doesn't matter now..." Manic answered with the same sharpness as his sister. "We have to work together. It's what our parents what would have wanted from us."

After hearing that, Sonic couldn't find a rebuttal for his words at all.

"Are you ready to surrender, rodents?" Snively asked smugly two seconds later.

Sonic though didn't answer him. Instead he said to his siblings, "Well, at least take cover for now. When I get Snively's attention, you try to attack him from another angle

"And how exactly do you expect us to do that since we can't even see him?" Sonia inquired with a heavy frown.

"Just do the best you can. Right now, I gotta job to do." Sonic answered.

"Last warning, hedgehogs!" Snively stated firmly. "Surrender now or I'll fry you and your siblings!"

"NEVER!" the blue hedgehog shouted back

"Ok then, it's your hides!" Snively then charged the laser to full power and prepared to hit the button.

"Bail out now, sibs." Sonic instructed them.

They didn't want to, but they followed his orders nonetheless, ducking for cover.

Sonic then headed straight for where he could hear the charging sound.

Moments later, Snively said, "Say goodbye, blue boy!"

The small tyrant instantly mashed the button down, firing a fully charged laser blast at his opponent.

"YIKES!" Sonic exclaimed

The laser blast was so big; the blue hedgehog was forced to jump high into the air to keep from getting hit.

Sadly, it still unfortunately wasn't enough, as the blast grazed his feet , sending Sonic tumbling to the ground below in a heap.

"YES! I've got him now!" Snively shouted, raising his hand into the air.

Thankfully, Sonic only suffered several bruises from the fall.

Nevertheless, when he attempted to stand up, he was abruptly picked up by Snively's invisible robot from behind, now holding onto him tightly in its grasp

Manic and Sonia quickly saw what was going on and gasped loudly.

"Manic, now's our chance!" the female hedgehog exclaimed. "By holding Sonic in his hand, Snively's exposed his location.

"But what can we hit that hunk of junk with?" Manic argued. "We're out of weapons!"

Sonia then pondered it over, quickly answering, "Then let's hit him with these metal parts in the junk heap. Maybe something in there will help us deactivate the stealth mode on that giant Swatbot."

"It's worth a try." The green hedgehog commented with a shrug.

"C'mon, let's get busy! We gotta save our brother before he's crushed!" Sonia said.

With no time to lose, they did just that.

"Any last words, you blue pest?" Snively asked the blue hedgehog smugly.

Sonic struggled to get free, but was unable to. "Yea, you're ugly and a freak!" he shouted with a frown.

"Consider that your last smart remark, hedgehog," the small dictator declared not amused, "cause now I'm gonna crush you to bits!"

Snively then imputed the commands to increase the pressure on the robot's hand to finish off Sonic, but he was interrupted halfway, as metal parts soon came out of nowhere, hitting his robot on top of its head.

"Now what?" Snively said angrily.

"Hey, Snurvley, forget someone?" Sonia said, tossing more junk at the robot while hanging onto his brother's hover board.

"You dare defy me when I got your brother's life in the palm of my hand?" he roared.

"No way are we letting you kill him." Manic told him boldly on his hover board

Snively growled fiercely again. "Then I'll blast you both out of the sky first instead!"

The small tyrant then pointed the laser cannon at the two hedgehogs in the air and repeatedly pressed the button.

Laser after laser soon came at them with fury, but missed, as Manic again was too swift on his hover board.

Unfortunately though, Manic and Sonia were soon out of metal parts, forcing them to turn back to the junk heap and grab more.

"Ha! Looks like your pathetic siblings are retreating. Now I'm gonna squash you like a bug!"

"Hurry, Manic! We've gotta to get back up there." Sonia said firmly

Since time was not on their side, Manic made one quick swoop on his hover board for them to pick up the metal parts. With near perfection, they each grabbed a handful of scrap metal and headed back upwards

"Time to die, hedgehog!" Snively said gleefully, imputing the commands

"Step on it, Manic!" Sonia instructed, starting to panic.

The green hedgehog again put his board on max speed as he headed back towards his brother.

Finally, Snively finished imputing the commands and was ready to press the button.

But for the 3rd time, he was interrupted as metal parts began to rain down on his machine yet again from the same place again.

"Would you two give it up already?" Snively shouted angrily to them. "There's nothing you can do to save your troublemaking brother!"

Sadly, one of them began to believe he was right.

"Our plan isn't not working, sis." Manic stated a bit of a panic. "We're not even coming close to getting him out of that bot's clutches."

Sonia though kept her resolve, replying firmly, "Don't give up, there's gotta be something in these parts that will…"

At that moment, she completely lost her train of thought, as she saw something within the pile of metal in her hand that boosted her spirits.

She then shouted to her brother, "Quick, get his attention again."

"What for?" the green hedgehog inquired puzzled.

"Trust me this." Sonic answered confidently. "I have a plan."

Deciding to trust her, Manic did just that.

As he flew closer towards the invisible Mega Swatbot, Snively again prepared to press the button to crush his foe.

Manic though interrupted him from doing so once more, as he used the bottom of his board to slam into the head of the Mega Swatbot, again jarring it upon impact.

Not surprisingly, the jarring effects from this attack were small compared to the others.

Nevertheless, it did get Snively's attention, as he again tried to fire his lasers at them in retaliation.

That move unfortunately would be his undoing, as Sonia quickly tossed her secret weapon she found in the pile of metal she scooped up during this time… none other than a moderate sized magnet.

Using perfect timing and aiming well, the female hedgehog heaved it at the left side from where Sonic was being held, where it soon connected onto the metal chest and stuck to it like glue.

After missing the hedgehogs again with another round of laser attacks, Snively was fed up inside, where he made up his mind on the spot that nothing now would deter his focus on crushing the blue hedgehog into powder.

Ironically, he would indeed get another interruption… one he could not ignore in the least. Within seconds, the magnet on his robotic chest began to heavily affect his machine's stealth abilities, as it began to spark all over.

"What in Mobius going on?" he demanded

Before Snively knew what had hit him, his robot's stealth mode was no more, as the magnet had completely fried it.

"Well, well, well…" Sonic smirked. "Looks like we can see your giant tin can again."

"Impossible!" Snively shouted in horror, placing his hands on the side of his head. "This can't be happening!"

Unfortunately for him, it was indeed.

Moments later, Sonia had Manic fly in low, where she then jumped onto the right shoulder of the Mega Swatbot.

She soon ran up towards Snively's cockpit and attempted to break the Plexiglas eye that separated the two of them with her martial moves, again freaking him out after she began kicking.

While Sonia kept the small maniac busy, Manic flew in, where he carefully pulled his brother out the robot's hand, which was thankfully still loose enough for him to do so.

"Thanks, Manic man." Sonic said after he brought him onto the ground below.

Meanwhile, Sonia gave Snively a death glare, as she looked him in the eye with fierce anger.

"It's clobbering time!" the female hedgehog told him, continuing to kick the Plexiglas hard in front of her.

Snively by this time was beginning to panic inside, but he quickly composed himself, shouting firmly back at her, "No way I'm letting that happen!"

The small dictator then tried to shake her off of the Mega Swatbot, but Sonia held on tightly.

"Get off, you filthy rodent!" he shouted at Sonia.

Snively then attempted to smack her off with his Mega Swatbot's metal hands, but missed, as Sonia evaded every swing that came her way, jumping over some and ducking underneath others.


Snively now swung both metal hands at the female hedgehog at once, making it next to impossible for her to elude. This time unfortunately, Sonia was unable to dodge both this time, where she soon was smacked hard by the right metal hand of the Mega Swatbot.

"Sonia!" Sonic quickly blasted off to save her from a serious fall.

"Oh no you don't, blue boy!" Snively yelled, charging his laser cannon.

Sonia screamed in fear as she fell towards the ground below, but Sonic was soon within range to catch her.

The small tyrant now pointed the laser cannon at the area he calculated the blue hedgehog would be when he caught his sister.

Seconds later, Sonic jumped high into the air and firmly caught Sonia in his arms.

"Now, try this!" Snively shouted, pressing the button.

Instantly, the laser fired, heading right for Sonia and Sonia.

"Whoa, time to juice!" the blue hedgehog said, revving his legs.

Sonic desperately tried to make a run for it, but it was too little too late, as part of the blast hit him from behind, sending him and his sister flying into the air.

"YES! I got them!" Snively declared victoriously, raising his right hand in the air.

Manic meanwhile looked on in shock, soon shouting in retaliation, "Nobody does that to my sibs and gets away with it!" The green hedgehog then flew towards for the Mega Swatbot on his hover board.

While he flew towards the small dictator's large machine, Sonic and Sonia finally came to a stop after tumbling for over twelve feet on the floor. At first, Sonic struggled to get up, but soon managed to do so, where he then ran over to his sister, who was still on the ground on her back first near a pile of junk.

"You ok, Sonia?" he asked, helping her sit up.

"Yea…" she muttered with a groan, rubbing her forehead with her right hand, "as soon as my head stops spinning."

"Stay here, I'll take of care of old needle nose for now." He told her, quickly blasting off for Snively's robot.

Back on the other side, Snively fired laser after laser at Manic, but continued to miss.

"Hold still, you…!" the small tyrant shouted, hitting the button rapidly. Snively attempts however were again unsuccessful, as the green hedgehog was too quick on his board.

Just then, Sonic came running towards the Mega Swatbot. "Time to put this thing away." he said firmly.

In spite of his speed, Sonic was unable to get there in time, as Snively finally hit Manic's hover board from the backend with one well timed shot, quickly causing it to lose altitude and rapidly descend to the ground below.


Thankfully, Manic was able to bring down his wounded board, but he unfortunately had to crash land it, skidding across the floor on his chest.

Snively now grinned at the blue hedgehog now in front of him and said, "Surrender or I'll do the same to you!"

"Over my dead body!" Sonic answered boldly, taking off towards the Mega Swatbot.

Snively instantly put the laser cannon on rapid fire again, determined to blast his foe to bits.

While this was going on, Sonia finally cleared her head and slowly stood up. She then commented with deep concern, "Oh man, it's not looking good at all. There's gotta be something I can do to help."

Moments later, Manic came running over to her. "You ok, sis?"

"I guess so, but we won't be for long if we can't put an end to this madness."

"I know what you mean." The green hedgehog commented with a frown. "That creep short just circuited my board."

Meanwhile, Sonic was doing all he could to get past Snively's lasers, but it was becoming more difficult with every passing second

His siblings watched from a distance, feeling completely helpless.

"Is there no stopping this metal monster?" Manic inquired

"I don't know, but there's gotta be something we can … huh?" Sonia then glanced to the right and saw something glowing in the metal pile next to her.

"What's up, sis?" the green hedgehog asked her.

"There's something shining in here…" she commented, putting her hand in the pile and feeling around inside.

Within moments, Sonia pulled out Sonic's missing Power Ring.

The two hedgehogs quickly gasped in awe, as they immediately recognized what it was.

"Sis, its one of Uncle Chuck's Power Rings."

"Then we must get this to Sonic immediately." Sonia said firmly.

Back on the other side, Snively and Sonic continued their duel. The blue hedgehog during this time ran around the area as fast as he could, trying to avoid getting hit by the rapid fire lasers, but Snively was getting closer to taking him down with every shot.

"Resistance is futile, hedgehog!" Snively taunted at him. "You're wasting your time trying to outwit me again!"

Sonic though completely ignored his words, as he soon ran under his legs to try and confuse him. But

Even so, the small tyrant saw it coming and quickly had his laser in position.

At the precise second, Snively fired rapid lasers at the exact spot he would come out. As planned, he hit the blue hedgehog directly from behind with solid accuracy, sending him into the air, where he quickly came skidding across the floor face first.

"YES! I've got you now!" he shouted victoriously, quickly pointing the cannon at his current location

Sonic though immediately got up and took off before any of the lasers could hit him, now heading for a junk pile nearby to get a small breather.

"You won't get away that easily, rodent!" Snively said, chasing after him.

Sonic meanwhile began to gasp for air, as he was now exhausted inside. He knew he couldn't keep this up for much longer.

"Man, how am I gonna get us out of this mess?" he said, breathing heavily. "That's mondo bot's got me and my sibs on the ropes!"

Seconds later, Manic and Sonia came running towards him

"What's up, sibs?" the blue hedgehog asked

"Look what we found." Manic said, showing the ring

Sonic's face instantly brightened. "All right, now I can put old Snurvley on ice!"

Just then, a charged up laser blast came flying in towards the three hedgehogs, forcing them to duck underneath it to keep from getting hit.

"Knock, knock, Freedom Fighters!" Snively said boldly.

"Take cover, guys." Sonic said "I'll handle old needle nose from here on out."

Manic and Sonia immediately complied with his orders, quickly taking off to get out of the line of fire.

"Are you ready to say uncle like your siblings, hedgehog?"

"Not today, shrimp boat!"

Sonic then showed him his Power Ring and held it high in the air.

Snively immediately gasped in horror. "Oh no, not that thing again!"

The small tyrant instantly began to fire lasers in rapid succession at Sonic to try and knock the ring out of his hands a second time.

This time however, the blue hedgehog anticipated this and took off before it could even touch him.

"Come back here, you troublemaker!"

Once Sonic was at a safe enough distance, he lifted it high in the air again, and powered up.

Snively finally caught up with him, but saw he now too late to stop his foe now, again putting the small dictator into a panic.

"Time to do it to it, Shorty!" the blue hedgehog declared confidently.

Sonic instantly blasted off and headed straight for Snively's large machine.

In sheer desperation, the small tyrant fired everything he had at Sonic to try and slow him down, but it was completely futile. The Power Ring's speed was just too much for him to handle.

Within seconds, the blue hedgehog began to run rings around his robot at blistering speeds. As a result of this, the velocity of his speed sent the Mega Swatbot spinning violently in circles.

"I'll get you for this, rodent!" Snively shouted, now starting to get dizzy inside.

Sonic then charged the huge robot at full speed as it spun around, where he slammed into its chest with speed and power, causing it to crash onto the ground thanks to a perfectly timed sonic spin dash in one swift motion.

His siblings during this time cheered from the sidelines as they watched.

"And now, for the grand finale!" the blue hedgehog stated, revving up his legs again.

Instantly he blasted off towards the Mega Swatbot and did another whirlwind attack, this time making it much larger thanks to the Power Ring.

A giant tornado soon appeared, taking the Mega Swatbot and Snively high into the air, spinning violently inside of it.

"I hate you, Sonic!" Snively yelled, starting to get very nauseous.

Once the Mega Swatbot was high enough in the air for Sonic's tastes, he stopped the whirlwind attack and let the giant robot fall to the floor.

Snively screamed loudly in a deep horror as he plunged towards the ground. Within seconds, The Mega Swatbot crashed onto the floor hard, breaking into pieces as it exploded.

"Yes! Adios, Mega Swatbutt!" Sonic said, putting his hand high in the air. "Chalk up one victory for the Freedom Fighters!"

To be continued...
Sorry this one took so long to submit.

I had planned to have it out by Sunday, but I just couldn't do it right with the time restrictions, so I took my time to make sure it was done right.

Anyway, hope you like it.

Next Chapter: [link]
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