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Chapter 5: The Rescue Operation

Back at Robotropolis, Snively had begun to start the roboticization of the East Mobius underground citizens. Since there were too many to put in the same room at once, he decided to bring in twenty-five at a time. And to help speed things along, there were three roboticizing chambers in the main roboticizer room, with one in the middle that could fit 2 inside at a time.

Not surprisingly, the first to go were Cyrus and his guards.

"I must say," Snively commented to the lion while he was being put in the roboticizer, "you were really something to stay undetected for as long as you did. But unfortunately, your luck finally ran out." Heh Heh..!"

"Shut up, you short psychopath!" Cyrus fired back. "The only reason you even found my shelter to begin with was because my secret entrance was compromised!"

To Cyrus' surprise, Snively was unmoved by his sharp words, answering cold as ice, "Whatever. Normally I wouldn't let someone talk to me that way, but since you're about to be my robot slave, I've decided to let it slide off my back."

Once the lion was inside, Snively said to him, "Any last words?"

Cyrus then glared at him, replying, "Enjoy your short reign while you can. Sonic and his comrades are going to topple your empire soon enough. And when they do, you're in for a world of hurt."

"Sorry to burst your bubble," Snively retorted with arrogance on his face, "but it's not going to happen! I've got a plan that will put that hedgehog and his band of troublemakers in the palm of my hands."

After a brief pause, Snively ordered his Swatbots firmly, "But enough talk! Start the process!"

"Yes, sir."

Within seconds, the roboticizer was turned on to full power, and began to change Cyrus and his three guards into machines.

Ten seconds later, it was completed. The citizens in line looked on intently, deeply trembling inside.

Snively laughed evilly and said to the roboticized Cyrus after the chamber door opened, "So, who's the boss now?"

"You are, sir." He answered in a monotone voice.

"Good, and don't you ever forget it."

Snively then added to his new roboticized citizens, "Now go, and keep a sharp eye out for those Freedom Fighters!"

"Your wish is our command, sir." They replied simultaneously.

And with those words, they all marched out of the room.

"Ok, who's next?" Snively asked boldly.

Of course, no one volunteered to step forward, which prompted the Swatbots to grab four more citizens and put them in the chambers.

Meanwhile, those who weren't in the room waited their horrible fate inside a prison cell. Among those there were Cream, Cheese, Big and her mother Vanilla.

Cream held onto her mother closely, crying out with a whimper, "What's gonna happen to us, Mom?"

Vanilla tried to comfort her daughter, but she couldn't deny she was just as scared as well.

"It'll be ok, dear." Vanilla said, trying to make Cream feel better. "Someone will come and rescue us, hopefully."

Just then, she heard cackling in the background. It was Scratch, one of the Snively's prison custodians, walking up to their cell.

"Forget about it, rodents!" He said taunting them. "Your fate is sealed! Soon you'll be robotic slaves of Snively the great and do his evil bidding whether you like it or not! Ah ha ha ha!

Cream instantly began to cry louder in despair saying, "No, I don't want to be a robot!"

"Too bad, missy." Grounder said, now taunting them as well. "You have no say in this!"

"Yea," Coconuts added, "You're done for!" Ah Ha Ha Ha!

Vanilla now stepped up to the cage's bars, glaring at them angrily and demanded, "Have you no shame, you monsters? It's bad enough that your boss destroyed our beautiful home and imprisoned us, but I will not allow you to torment my daughter!"

"Oh yea?" Scratch challenged, "And what are you gonna do about it? You're in prison!"

Unfortunately for the three custodian bots, they would soon pay for their bantering. Out of nowhere, Big finally stepped up near the bars, winded his fist back and punched the metal chickening directly between the eyes, knocking him hard into the wall behind him with a serious jolt.

Before Grounder of Coconuts could respond to this, Big grabbed both of their heads and then slammed them together as hard as he could.

Like Scratch, they too fell to the ground in a heap.

The three dumb bots though immediately got up enraged, with Scratch yelling incensed, "Why you big tub of lard… just who do you think you are smacking around like that?"

Big though ignored his protests, declaring boldly to the metal chicken, "Nobody scares my little sister and gets away it!"

"What are you talking about, Fat Cat?" Grounder demanded. "You're not related to them in the least."

"It doesn't matter if I am or not." Big told him sharply. He then pointed to the two rabbits and proclaiming, "They are my family, and if you're going try to hurt my family, then I'm going to hurt you as well!"

"Oh, a tough guy, eh?" Scratch commented with arched eyebrows. "Why I ought to drag you and your precious rodent family out of that jail cell and take you to the front of the robotizing line this very instant for your recent antics."

However, when the metal chicken saw Big glaring at him fiercely, he didn't bother to push it anymore.

He then added with a scoff, "Anyway, enjoy your last moments as pathetic furballs. It won't be too much longer before the Swatbots come to take you away."

"Even if we do end up roboticized," Vanilla said to him, "You and your boss will still lose in the end. Sonic will destroy his precious empire one day."

"Don't count on it, lady." Scratch retorted. "Snively the great has a plan that put him out of commission, permanently! Ah Ha Ha Ha! C'mon guys, let's go and let em wallow in fear for a while!"

After they left, Cream asked her Mom, "Do… you think we'll end up as robots?"

"I don't know, honey, but until it happens, we can't give up hope."

That wasn't much of a comfort to Cream, but it was all she had for now.

Big then knelt down and put a hand on the young rabbit's shoulder, saying to try and keep her composure, "Don't worry, little sister. I, your big brother, will protect you until the end."

Cream's eyes soon welled up in tears, hugging him tightly, as she was deeply touched by the large white and purple cat's support.

Five minutes later, Sonic finally arrived at the hilltop near Robotropolis. After a brief look around the area, he blasted off again and hid behind the junk heap.

There he poked his head out and saw massive numbers of Swatbots and hover units guarding the main building. This was not going to be easy place to break through in the least.

Sonic soon began tapping his foot, waiting for his comrades to arrive.

Ten minutes went by before he finally saw a glimpse of them from behind. The blue hedgehog then sped back and met his friends on top of the hill

"Bout time you got here." Sonic said sharply

"Hey c'mon," Sally argued. "We can't exactly run as fast as you."

"No kidding."

"So what's the situation, Sonic?"

"It's mondo ugly, Sal!" the blue hedgehog stated with disgust. "I've never seen so many Swatbutts and hover heads in all my life. Looks like Snurvley isn't taking any chances this time."

"Let me take a look..." Sally said, pulling out her special infrared binoculars and viewing the area.
It was then she saw a horrifying sight.

"What do you see, Sally girl?" Bunnie asked.

"It's Cyrus, and three of his guards. They're already been turned into robot slaves!"

Sonic instantly gritted his teeth in rage and clinched his fists together, muttering with a low hiss, "When I get my hands on old needle nose, I'm gonna…"

"Sonic, control yourself." Sally instructed firmly. "It may be too late now for the four of them, but we can still save the others."

The blue hedgehog then took a deep breath to calm himself down somewhat, replying, "Ok then, what's the plan, Sal?"

"Well, since there are eight of us. Let's split up into three teams. Two teams of two, and one team of three."

"But that's only seven." Sonic reasoned.

"Yes, I'm aware of that." Sally replied. "But since Dulcy's size is a disadvantage inside the building, I'm going to have her stay outside and keep the Swatbots and hover units busy."

"How's she gonna do that?" Tails asked

"Why, with my ice and flame breath of course…" The green dragon replied with confidence.

"Oh yea, I almost forgot."

"Ok, now for the plan…" Sally said gathering the others into a huddle. "Sonic, you and Tails take the left rooms of the main building. If you run into any prisoners, try to rescue them if possible. Bunnie, you along with Rotor and Antoine take the right side. Sir Charles and I will take the middle and attempt to infiltrate Robotnik's main computer."

"How come you're taking my Uncle Chuck instead of me?" Sonic asked a bit perplexed.

"Because, Sonic, I need someone with technical ability to help me utilize this virus I found on your Mom's computer."

When Sally displayed the disk in front of everyone, Bunnie inquired with curiosity, "When in the hoo-haw did you get that?"

"Actually, since last night…" the squirrel princess explained. "Thanks to meeting Cyrus, I discovered I had his lethal virus program when I transferred it to Nicole's hard drive."

"How come you didn't tell about this before, Sally girl?" Bunnie asked with a slight frown.

Sally instantly remembered she forgot to mention that to the team, replying with hesitance. "Sorry, I guess it slipped my mind… I was actually planning to use this on our next mission after we brought Manic and Sonia to Knothole. But since Snively the moron dared to pull this stunt on us, I'm gonna use it tonight instead."

She then added with a fierce glare on her face, "He will pay dearly for desecrating Cyrus' shelter."

"What will that little old virus do?" Bunnie asked with deep intrigue.

"If properly installed, it should cause a complete crash on the main hard drive and hopefully release the hold Snively has on the roboticized citizens." Sally explained. "Once that happens, any advantage that little maniac has over us will be history!"

The cyborg rabbit then held her hands together and exclaimed with glee, "Now that's something I'd love to see!"

"Ok then," Sonic stated firmly, "Time to do it to it, guys."

After they briefly joined hands in a united stance, the three teams then each grabbed a handful of the weapons made earlier in the day and put them in their backpacks.

Once their backpacks were fully loaded, the Freedom Fighters immediately put the plan into action.

"Ok, Dulcy, you're on." Sally instructed.

"Got it. Stand back, everyone." The green dragon warned.

Moments later, Dulcy flew in the air to draw the attention of the Swatbots and Hover units. They quickly saw her above them and shouted with their guns drawn and sirens blaring, "Surrender, don't move."

"I don't think so, morons!" Dulcy retorted.

Instantly, she let loose her ice breath, freezing them right and left.

While Dulcy kept Snively's forces busy outside, the Freedom Fighters made their way for the entrance. But unfortunately, before they could enter the building, the green dragon soon found herself in a serious pickle. There were sadly too many Swatbots and hover units for her to fight by herself. One Swatbot then fired a large electromagnet net from behind while she was preoccupied, trapping her inside, forcing Sonic and the others to halt in their tracks.

"Somebody help me!" Dulcy cried out, struggling to get free.

"Doh, man…" Sonic groaned. "Hold on, Dulcy." The blue hedgehog instantly performed a Sonic whirlwind attack, sending the Swatbots and hover units nearby spinning into a wall.

While Snively's forces were seriously stunned, Sonic managed to cut her free with his triple spin attack. Sally then said to Dulcy afterwards, "Maybe you should go hid behind the junk heap and attack from there. There's too many for you to handle."

"But someone's gotta keep them busy while you infiltrate the place." The green dragon argued.

Sally sighed and then said, "All right fine, Dulcy. But if its gets too dicey for you, I'm ordering to take cover."

"Relax, you worry too much."

Just then, more Swatbots and hover units approached the Freedom Fighters saying, "Intruder Alert! Apprehend Freedom Fighters!"

"You guys get going!" Dulcy told them. "I'll keep these metal morons busy!"

"But, Dulcy..."

"No time to argue, Sal. It's go time." Sonic said

Sally sighed again, and conceded. "All right then, be careful, Dulcy." The squirrel Princess said, entering the building.

Once they were in the building, Sonic said to others, "All right, time to crash Snobley's little party!"

Meanwhile, while Snively was roboticizing more civilians, the alarm blared loudly in the room. A monitor quickly came down and showed the Freedom Fighters were now inside the building.

"So, they've arrived, eh?" he commented rubbing his hands together in glee. "Excellent. Oh, this should be fun to watch. Won't be they surprised to see I can track their every move without them even knowing it... Heh heh!"

Snively then ordered his Swatbots outside the room using a radio, "Apprehend the intruders at once!"

"Yes, sir."

While he was giving this order, the Freedom Fighters split up into three teams as planned and began their operation.

"Stay close to me, T2." Sonic instructed the young fox. "Swatbutts should be on our tail anytime now."

"Will do, Sonic."

As Sonic had thought, five Swatbots came running into the east rooms where they were walking around and quickly surrounded them.

"Priority One Hedgehog! Surrender!" they ordered, pointing laser guns at their heads

"Read my lips, Swatbutts…" Sonic declared boldly. "NEVER!"

Sonic then used another spin attack and knocked them all to the ground in one quick shot.

"Hurry, big guy!"

Tails quickly ran past the stunned Swatbots and stood next to Sonic.

Moments later however, the Swatbots got up and pointed their weapons at them yet again.

"Juice Time!" Sonic shouted, grabbing Tails by the arm and blasting off.

Again, the Swatbots fired their laser guns at them with rapid succession, but thankfully missed due to Sonic's super speed.

Nevertheless, they soon followed behind in hot pursuit.

In the west rooms, Bunnie, Rotor, and Antoine continued to walk around looking for any prisoners to free. But instead, the only thing they found were five Swatbots quickly running in and surrounding them.

"You are under arrest!" One Swatbot declared loudly.

Antoine quickly dropped to the floor in a panic while Rotor froze in place, not sure who to attack first. Bunnie on the other hand though glared at the Swatbots and declared, "In your dreams, ya buffoons!"

The cyborg rabbit quickly grabbed a smoke bomb and used it to blind Snively's forces.

Moments later, Bunnie grabbed Antoine and Rotor with both hands and got them out of harm's way.

Sadly, they couldn't even travel one hundred feet as another three Swatbots came running in blocking their path, pointing their weapons at them.

"Resistance is futile!"

"Y'all are beginning to tick me off!" Bunnie shouted frustrated.

"Please don't hurt us!" Antoine begged the Swatbots, cowering in fear

"Hush up, Ant!" Bunnie scolded harshly. "Be a man for once!"

The three Swatbots instantly let loose a barrage of laser shots, which luckily missed the three Freedom Fighters all by mere inches.

Enraged, Bunnie used her martial arts moves, evading the lasers as she ran and knocking two of them to ground with two well timed flying karate kicks to their metal chests in successive fashion.

"Move it, y'all!" she ordered her comrades while making another run for it. Rotor and Antoine did just that, but not without being chased by the remaining Swatbot from behind.

Ironically, the next room the three of them ended up in was the prison cells area, where Snively had the remaining prisoners awaiting roboticization. There were now less than thirty left in the cells.

"Oh mah stars!" Bunnie exclaimed. "Looks we found the mother lode, y'all… C'mon, let's bust em outta here!"

Unfortunately though, before they could even run up to one cell, the Swatbot that had been chasing them seconds ago finally caught up to them, shooting its lasers at the Freedom Fighters in rapid succession. Antoine screamed as they came close to hitting him, forcing Bunnie to put her nonmetal hand over his mouth.

"This way!" Bunnie shouted to her teammates, running towards an air vent.

However, while the three of them headed for it, Antoine unfortunately tripped over his own feet and fell to the floor in a heap. A Swatbot nearby quickly fired an electromagnetic net, trapping him inside.

The Swatbot then said as he picked him up, "You are now prisoner of Snively the great!"

Bunnie and Rotor attempted to go back and free Antoine, but they soon ran into more trouble of their own, as the same five Swatbots from behind finally caught up to them, soon surrounding them.

"What do we do now?" Rotor asked worried.

Bunnie was trying to think what weapon to use, but they only had nine total: three grenades, four pipe bombs, and two smoke bomb. She knew if she used a pipe bomb to wipe out the Swatbots in front of her, it would more than likely hit Antoine as well, risking serious injury to his body.

Not to mention the chance Snively might just call out more soldiers to take their place was very high too.

While the cyborg rabbit tried to decide what to do, Rotor exclaimed to her in a bit of a panic, "Quick, give me one of those pipe bombs!"

Bunnie immediately did so, and Rotor flung it at two Swatbots, instantly blasting them to bits on contact. However, not even ten seconds passed before two more came running in. It was sadly becoming very clear now that Snively was indeed one step ahead of them.

Things were beginning to look ugly. With their backs against the wall, Bunnie realized they had no choice but to make a run for it. Using another final smoke bomb, she grabbed Rotor by the arm and ran for the air vent while smoke filled the room

"Wait, what about Antoine?" Rotor asked

"We'll have to rescue him later." she replied while dragging him from behind. "If we try and rescue him now, they'll take us prisoner too."

Ironically, the purple walrus couldn't argue with that at all.

The two of them soon made it to the air vent, but found it be sealed tight. Bunnie stood back a couple of feet and threw another pipe bomb at it, blasting a big enough hole for them to go run through.

Nevertheless, when Rotor tried to go through the air vent after Bunnie did, a Swatbot who was not blinded by the smoke, abruptly grabbed him by the leg from behind and tried to take the purple walrus prisoner.

"Bunnie, help me!" he cried out, struggling to get free.

The cyborg rabbit immediately responded, grabbing Rotor's right hand with her metallic arm and pulling it hard as hard as she could without separating his shoulder. Sadly, it was soon turning into an ugly game of tug of war, as neither side budged.

The stalemate sadly didn't last long, as more of Snively's robotic soldiers came running up towards the vent and fired their lasers at her. Now she had no choice but to let go, or risk getting hit.

As soon as she did let go, they apprehended Rotor in another net within seconds.

Two Swatbots then quickly crawled into the vent to incarcerate Bunnie as well. But she wasn't about to let that happen. Instantly, she threw her a pipe bomb directly in their faces, blasting them to pieces

Sadly, that didn't deter them in the least, as two more of them quickly came crawling into the vent within seconds.

Frustrated by their constant assault, Bunnie now let loose a grenade this time. However, she didn't aim directly at them. This time, Bunnie aimed at it at the wall on the right side, causing debris from it to come crumbling down in front of the Swatbots, temporarily blocking their path.

While they tried to clear the debris, she made a run for it to try to lose them.

"Forget about her!" Snively ordered a few seconds later over a video screen. "Get the hedgehog and the Princess for now!"

"Yes, sir."

The Swatbots then quickly turned away and took Antoine and Rotor with them.

Bunnie watched them leave through a small hole in the wall with great concern on her face. She was now down to just one pipe bomb and two grenades.

Would her comrades soon be the next victims of the roboticizer?

As for Sally and Sir Charles, they were forced almost immediately to hide in an air vent after it was discovered that the main computer room was heavily guarded by Swatbots.

Sally was tempted to use the weapons on them, but due to fear of hitting the computer system and damaging it, she knew they wouldn't be able to upload the virus to the hard drive if that happened, thus delaying that part of their mission for another day

"Got any ideas, Sally?" Charles inquired while monitoring the room from the vent.

Sally put a hand on her chin and thought it over. Then she snapped her fingers.

"Of course. We'll need a diversion."

"Who can we get to do that?" the roboticized hedgehog inquired.

"Who else, but your nephew, Sir Charles?"

Charles let out a sly chuckle and commented, "Oh yea… If anyone can make a diversion, he can. But, can you contact him from here?"

"Hmm, perhaps…"

Moments later, Sally instantly remembered something. "Wait, I do have an emergency radio. Maybe I can get a hold of him from it."

While Sonic and Tails were being chased around the East rooms, something rang in his backpack.

"Huh? What's that noise?"

Sonic, being the cool speedster he is, was able to keep running while retrieving the radio.

"Hello?" he answered, still running.

"Sonic, it's Sally."

"Uh, Sal, can I talk to you later? I'm kind of in the middle of something here."

"It's really important, Sonic."

"Oh all right, make it quick."

"We need to clear out the main computer room in the middle of the base."

"And how do you expect me to do that, Sal?"

"Easy, just cause a diversion and lure all the Swatbots out of there."

The blue hedgehog smiled big once he heard that, replying, "Will do, just as soon I'm done with these metal heads behind me."

"Thanks. Good luck, Sonic."

Seeing he couldn't shake the Swatbots, the blue hedgehog quickly came to a halt with Tails soon stopping as well.

"What's wrong?" Tails asked

"I'm getting tired of this game of cat and mouse, lil bro. I say we put these Swatbutts on ice."

"Sounds good to me." Tails commented clinching his fists together. "Let's do it."

Within five seconds, the five Swatbots who were about fifty yards behind them stopped nearby and pointed their laser guns at them.

"Surrender, Priority One Hedgehog!" They ordered

"I don't think so!" the blue hedgehog declared boldly. "Now Tails!"

The two tailed fox then quickly pulled out two pipe bombs and heaved em with all his strength. Like with their comrades before them, once the bombs connected with Snively's robotic army, it exploded violently on contact, blasting four of them into pieces of scrap metal.

Nevertheless, the remaining Swatbot left standing began shooting his lasers at them in rapid succession.

"Oh, so you still want to play rough huh? Well, all you had to do was ask!" Sonic said boldly

However, before he could attack, Tails grabbed his arm and suggested, "Let me have this one, Sonic."

The blue hedgehog was reluctant to let him to, but gave Tails the ok.

The Swatbot continued his assault, firing laser after laser, but the two tailed fox quickly eluded its attack and then knocked it down with a sharp karate kick to the chest.

Sonic was impressed to say the least "Cool moves, bud."

"Thanks. Aunt Bunnie taught em to me."

Tails then finished it off with a grenade directly aimed at its robotic eye, putting it out of commission.

Sonic quickly gave him a high five afterwards and said, Awesome job, Tails."

Seconds later, the two of them made their way to the entrance of the computer room.

"Ok, T2, get ready to juice on my signal."

"Got it, Sonic."

Moments later, Sonic walked into the room nonchalantly and said with a goofy grin on his face, "What's up, metal heads?"

Instantly the Swatbots all turned on him and said with weapons drawn, declaring on full alert, "Priority One Hedgehog!"

"Aw, I'm touched you think so highly of me…" he commented in a mocking tone of voice.

Again, the Swatbots quickly fired their lasers at the blue hedgehog in rapid succession, but missed, as he eluded them with ease thanks to his high agility, jumping to the left and right when they came near him.

"Gotta buzz, cuz! Let's move, Tails!"

And with those words, Sonic and Tails ran out of there at top speed.

As Sally had planned it, all of the Swatbots in the computer room chased after them in hot pursuit.

"Now's our chance, Charles." Sally said.

Within seconds, the two of them came out of the air vent and made their way towards the computer room.

Back in the roboticization chamber, Snively was now wrapping his 3rd wave of roboticizing the underground citizens. Now only eight of them remained in the room. One of the next to be put in the machine was none other than Bert Whoo. His Assistant Roxy, who was standing right behind him, watched in horror as they dragged the green bird over to the roboticizer.

"So, any last words, bird brain?" the small dictator inquired with an icy smile.

"Only that your time is short!" Bert shot back. "Sonic will clean your clock soon enough, you monster!"

"I don't think so. Activate!" Snively ordered

The Swatbot quickly complied, and within ten seconds, another four were turned into robot slaves

Instantly, Roxy looked on in horror, crying out with tears in her eyes, "Bert! NO!"

Snively laughed at her despair with glee on his face. "Oh don't worry, my dear, you'll be joining your friend soon enough."

The small tyrant quickly ordered to bring the next four in line, which was none other than Roxy, Wes Weasley and another two unnamed citizens.

Wes Weasley of course tried to bargain his way out of it.

"C'mon, palsy. No need to roboticize me." Wes Weasley pleaded. "Why, I'll give you a lot of money, supplies or anything else you want if you let me go. Just name your price."

Unfortunately for Wes, Snively wasn't about to be bargained with. "Nice try, you crooked salesmen, but no one's exempt from this!"

Soon, they were all in the chamber, waiting for the order to start. However, before he could give it however, Sonia began yelling while in the back of the line, now exasperated, "You won't get away with this, needle nose!"

Snively quickly walked up to her and shouted at the female hedgehog in a fierce tone of voice. "BE QUIET, RODENT! The only reason you're not a robot yet is because I'm waiting for your brother Sonic to watch it live."

The two hedgehogs instantly gasped in disbelief. He had already figured out their past.

"That's right, vermin, I know all about you." Snively told them bluntly. "I did a background check a little while ago. And I must say, I've been waiting a long time for this moment. Soon, you'll join your Mom and Dad as my robot slaves!"

Snively was about to give the order to start the roboticization, but was quickly interrupted by a security monitor. It showed Sally and Sir Charles inside the main computer room, getting ready to install the deadly virus.

"Why that no good…" Snively looked like he was ready to blow a gasket, but quickly composed himself commenting with a frown, "So, trying to hack my database eh? Well, it's about to go up in smoke!"

He then pulled out a remote, which turned out to be the on switch to one of his latest inventions he had been working on earlier, none other than the servitude wave transmitter.

It was a device guaranteed to make all roboticized citizens obey his every command within three square miles.

Ten seconds before he activated it, Sally was about ready to install the program on the main hard drive. All was needed now was the encryption password to the main database.

Thankfully, Sir Charles knew it from his time as a secret spy in Robotropolis.

"Ok, we're in, Sally. Do your stuff." Charles said.

"Got it. Nicole, transfer file named, Freedom Fighters to the hard drive."

"Transferring, Sally…" Nicole replied

Nicole thankfully was able to transfer within five seconds.

"And now to crash this wretched system." Sally declared boldly

Sadly, she never got the chance. A split second before she could press the enter button, Snively now had complete control over Sir Charles' free will.

"Grab the Princess, and bring her to the roboticization chamber!" Snively ordered him

"Yes, sir."

Sir Charles completely took Sally by surprise and picked her off the ground

"What are you doing?" Sally demanded in shock

"Capture Princess Sally, by order of Snively the great." Sir Charles said in a monotone voice.

It was at that moment, the squirrel Princess realized somehow Snively had taken control over him.

She then tried to get free of his grasp, but was unable to.

"Sonic, HELP ME!" she screamed loudly while Charles carried her out of the room.

The blue hedgehog immediately heard her cries, and came to a halt.

"Hurry, Tails." Sonic said firmly. "Sal's in mondo trouble!"

Just then, the Swatbots caught up with them and said again, "Surrender, hedgehog!"

"I seriously am beginning to hate this mission!" Sonic stated with disgust.

Sonic unfortunately had no time to deal with them. Instead, he grabbed Tails by the arm and blasted off towards the screams of Princess Sally, leaving the Swatbots in his dust.

Back in the West rooms, Bunnie finally came out of hiding once she saw the coast was clear and made her way to the prisoners' cells. While she walked around, wondering which one to free with her ammo, she quickly heard a scream.

Ironically, it wasn't Princess Sally's this time, but Cream's, who was horrified at seeing the cyborg rabbit walk up towards the cell.

"No! Don't turn me into a robot." She pleaded while clinging tightly to Big. "I'm begging you!"

Before Big could say anything in response, Bunnie quickly shushed her and said in a calming tone of voice, "Relax, kiddo. I'm here to help."

"But, part of your body is made of metal." Cream argued.

"Ah know," Bunnie replied with a straight face, "but that's because my roboticization process was halted halfway."

Unfortunately, that explanation didn't calm the young rabbit's fears, nor did it her Mom's or her adopted brother.

"Are you sure you're on our side?" Vanilla asked, still not convinced

"Positive. Now do you want me to let you out of there or not?"

Vanilla of course didn't object, so she nodded her head.

Even Big, who was still very suspicious inside, decided to give the cyborg rabbit a chance.

"Stand back, y'all!" Bunnie ordered them sharply.

The two rabbits, along with Big complied without any hesitation, standing near the back of their cell. With one heave, Bunnie hit the bars dead on with two last grenades, heavily damaging their door.

After the smoke finally cleared, they then tried to open the main cell door and escape.

However, in spite of its damage, the door would still not open.

"Ah, just perfect…" Bunnie groaned frustration.

"Now what do we do?" Cream asked with fear in her voice.

"Ah guess I gotta use mah last pipe bomb then to free you guys…" Bunnie muttered with disgust.

"No need to…" Big replied boldly. "Allow me."

Within moments, the large purple and white cat stepped towards the heavily damaged door. He then winded his fists and punched it as hard he could.

Thanks to his upper body strength, the large white and purple cat was able to bust the door down in one clean shot.

Once it hit the ground with a thud, Cream hugged him tightly after they were free, saying with gratitude and elation on her face, "You did it, big brother! I knew you could…"

Even Bunnie was impressed by his heroics too, commenting to him, "Well I'll be… y'all are quite strong there, Mr. Cat."

"Aw, it was nothing really…" Big replied with modestly. "Just doing what I can to help my little sister here."

Vanilla then turned to the cyborg rabbit, saying with gratitude as well, "Thanks for your help, Miss…"

"Just call me Bunnie." She told them plainly. "No need for fancy titles and such."

After an awkward pause, "Bunnie said firmly, "Now then, ah need you three to help me free the others. Can you do that for me?"

"Of course, Bunnie." Vanilla replied with a firm nod. "We'd be honored to help you out anyway we can."

Seconds later, they all finally heard Princess Sally's screams.

"Oh no, Sally girl's in trouble!" Bunnie said with deep concern in her voice. "Ah gotta go! You free the others."

"Not so fast, rodents!"

The four of them then turned around and saw the three dumb bots standing in their path.

"I don't know how you eluded the Swatbots, but we're gonna finish the job for them!" Scratch said with authority

"In your dreams, tin heads!" Bunnie retorted

"Oh yea, and what are you gonna do about it?" Grounder challenged

"Just this!" Bunnie quickly ran up to them and nailed Scratch with a flying karate kick to his head before he could react, knocking him backwards onto the ground.

"Why you… Get her!" Scratch ordered, getting up furious

"But what about the escaped prisoners?" Coconuts inquired.

"Forget about them." The metal chicken replied. "There's no way they can open up the other cells anyhow."

The cyborg rabbit then quickly ran towards the screams with Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts following her in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, Sir Charles had finally dragged Princess Sally into the roboticizing room. It was then she saw her comrades Antoine and Rotor standing in line too, also waiting to be roboticized.

"Well, well, nice to see you again, Princess." Snively said smugly. "Wait till you see who gets the honor of escorting you and your friends to my roboticization chambers."

He then ordered three well known roboticized citizens to grab Sonic's siblings and mechanic, and bring them forward.

To make room for them, Snively had his Swatbots remove the unroboticized citizens from their chambers and put em aside. He would deal with them later. Right now, he had bigger fish to fry.

Seconds later, Sonic finally came running in with Tails right behind him

"So, the hedgehog has finally crawled out from under his rock." Snively commented with a smirk.

"Shut up, needle nose! Let em go or else!" Sonic demanded

"You dare demand I let them go?" Snively retorted with a fierce glare. "Do you know who you're dealing with, hedgehog?"

"Yea, someone who's short and ugly." The blue hedgehog shot back.

"Very funny, but soon I shall have the last laugh. Take a look, rodent!"

Within seconds, Sonic gasped in horror in an instant. There he saw his uncle, parents, and Cyrus standing behind his comrades, restraining them. As planned, he was using his roboticized family and friends as a shield to halt him in his tracks.

"Now then, Sonic," Snively stated boldly. "I'll be a nice guy and let one or two go, depending on which chamber you pick. I'll even let you choose, but the others become my robot slaves! So who'll it be? Your beloved Princess, your dear two siblings, or your valuable mechanic? Choose quickly, hedgehog!"

Sonic was now angry and confused at the same time. He then took a step forward and declared firmly, "I'm not playing your game, Snurvley! Let em go or I'll sonic spin your precious roboticizers to dust!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, rodent!" Snively warned. "If you dare take another three steps, I'll have your family members break their necks in one fatal swoop.

"You wouldn't dare!" the blue hedgehog challenged.

"Want to bet?" Snively challenged, giving Sonic the evil eye.

Sonic could instantly tell by tone in his body language, he was dead serious. So, he lowered his shoulders in a slump and replied with defeat in his voice, "Before I choose, I want to know one thing. How did you get the jump on us?"

Snively laughed evilly and replied, "It was easy, really. Take a look!" he said, appearing to be holding something in his hand.

Sonic couldn't see what it was. When Snively could see the hedgehog was clueless, he added with a sly smirk, "Oh I'm sorry, I guess you really can't see it, can you? Just a sec…"

He then pressed another button on the remote in his other hand, revealing it to be a spy orb, one that could turn invisible.

"No way, that's impossible!" Tails said in disbelief.

"Oh its possible all right, you two tailed menace!" The small dictator declared boldly. "It's one of my latest gadgets, the stealth spy orb!" Ingenious, is it not?"

Sonic and Tails instantly lowered their heads down in shame. It appeared Snively had finally beaten them.

"Now then, rodent. Who are you going to choose? You better pick soon or I'll just roboticize all of them at once!"

"You swear you'll let one go?" Sonic inquired disgusted.

"Of course, Sonic dear boy." Snively replied with a sickening grin. "After all, I'm not a completely despicable villain. But don't you dare test my patience! You've got five seconds to decide!"

Sonic was tempted to pick one, but he just couldn't do it. What was the point of saving one, while the rest of friends became robots?

"I…. can't…. choose." He said, trying to hold back the tears in his eyes.

"Oh, that's too bad." Snively replied chortling. "I guess they're all my slaves now! Prepare to put em in the machines, and make sure the hedgehog watches!"

"Yes, sir."

Sonic couldn't bear to witness it, as he turned his head in sorrow. However, when the small tyrant saw this, he told him sharply, "You better keep watch, or I'll have them killed on the spot!"

It was all the blue hedgehog could do to restrain himself at that moment from not cutting Snively in two with a sonic spin attack right then and there.

"Any last words, Princess?" Snively asked with glee while the Swatbots prepared to place her in the chamber.

At that moment, Sally decided to confess something personal to Sonic, something he already kind of knew, but decided to tell him anyway in case she didn't come out of this whole.

However, before she could utter one word of it, a pipe bomb came flying out of nowhere and connected with the middle chamber on it right side. The bomb violently exploded on contact, obliterating the large chamber in the middle to pieces. Even the chamber on the right next to it was heavily damaged as well.

Sally and other freedom fighters who were being restrained at the time were fortunately not hit by the blast or any flying debris that came from it, as they had dived out of the way a split second before the bomb exploded. They were able to do this thankfully since Sonic's roboticized family members and Cyrus let go of them and immediately ran for cover as well.

"What the heck?" Snively said in disgust "Who dares to interfere in my victory celebration?"

"I DO!" proclaimed a familiar voice.

Snively turned his head and saw it was none other than Bunnie, the Freedom Fighter he had carelessly let escape not even ten minutes ago.


"No way are you turning my friends into machines, you manic!" the cyborgs rabbit declared with full vigor.

Before Snively could give the order to apprehend her, Bunnie threw her last smoke bomb in front of the small dictator, yelling towards her comrades, "High tail it out of here, y'all!"

Within a split second after she said that, the bomb hit the ground directly in front of the small dictator, instantly enveloping him in a cloud of smoke.

While he coughed heavily and attempted to escape the ill effects, Sonic and Tails did just that, as they quickly escorted their comrades and civilians out of the room.

However, when Bunnie attempted to run towards them, Snively yelled in fit of rage to his robotic army, "GET HER! GET THAT CYBORG AT ONCE!"

Instantly, every Swatbot in the room turned on her and gave chase, forcing the cyborg rabbit to make a run for it the other way.

Moments later, Snively looked for the others and saw they had already escaped.

Clinching his teeth again, he turned towards the remaining roboticized citizens in the room, ordering them sharply, "Don't just stand there! Get those wretched Freedom Fighters!"

Like the Swatbots, they too immediately complied, running after them.

As they left, Snively hit the button on the wall, initiating a code red alarm. This in turn put all robots in the building on notice.

After he did that, the small dictator muttered to himself incensed, "Those vile rodents... I cannot believe how that cyborg was able to take advantage of me so easily!"

After taking a couple of deep breaths to try and calm himself down, Snively stated boldly while gritting his teeth, "Well, if these rebels really want a fight, then they'll get one!"

He then ran towards the door on the left side, "At least that Princess and meddlesome hedgehog were stupid enough to help me find a power source for my top secret weapon from that shelter!"

Meanwhile in the other room, Sonic asked with concern, "You guys all right?"

"Yea, we're fine." Sally replied. "But Bunnie's going to need your help right away."

"What about you guys?"

"Don't worry about us, Sonic." Sonia spoke up. "We'll be fine. Now go help her at once!"

"Right, juice time!"

Back in the west rooms, Bunnie ran as fast as she could to elude the Swatbots from behind. Unfortunately, before she could make it to the prison cells, more of Snively's robotic forces blocked her path, now surrounding her.

"Surrender." A Swatbot in front of her ordered.

Bunnie didn't even respond to the demand. Instead, she just ran up to it and did a flying karate kick to its chest, knocking the Swatbot to the ground flat on its back.

Seconds later, all the Swatbots from behind instantly began to firing rapid laser shots at her.

Bunnie amazingly avoided their attacks, where she then used her martial arts abilities to smack them down one by one with her metal legs.

Unfortunately though, her luck soon ran out, as one finally grabbed her from behind during her assault.

"Let me go, you tin bucket!" she demanded, trying hard to get free.

Sadly, she was not strong enough to get out of its grasp.

"You are now prisoner of Snively the great." The Swatbot detaining her replied.

"Not today, Swatbutts!"

The Swatbots instantly turned around, and there they saw Sonic leaning against one of the walls.

"Priority One Hedgehog! Apprehend!"

As they all ran after the blue hedgehog, Sonic used his spin attack to knock several of them to the ground. He then buzz sawed the legs off of the Swatbot holding Bunnie tightly, making it crash to the ground and abruptly drop the cyborg rabbit.

"Thanks for your help, Sugarhog." Bunnie said, hugging him tightly.

Unfortunately there were still three Swatbots still standing. Instantly they fired more lasers at the two Freedom Fighters.

"Outta here!" Sonic shouted, grabbing Bunnie and carrying her in his arms as he blasted off.

The Swatbots though gave chase, but were not able to keep up Sonic's speed. Within seconds, they made it to the prison cells and found Vanilla, Cream and Big.

"What are you guys still doing here?" Sonic asked confused after coming to a stop and putting Bunnie on the ground.

"We were trying to release the prisoners from their cells." Vanilla explained

"Were you able to do it?" Bunnie asked

"Yes, we found the main button that opens all the prison doors."

"Cool, where are they now?" Sonic asked

"Hiding near the back of the room." The mother rabbit explained. "They're scared to death to leave on their own..."

"No prob. Ok guys," Sonic said out loud, "Follow me if you want to get out here unroboticized!"

Seconds later however, the three Swatbots finally caught up to them and pointed their lasers at their heads.

"You are under arrest!"

"Wrong again, metal heads!" Sonic said, grabbing a pipe bomb from his backpack. With one precise toss, he heaved it at the Swatbots for a direct hit, instantly blasting two of them to bits while heavily damaging the third.

Sonic though wasted no time in finishing it off, as he again used his triple spin attack to easily cut through its cracked metal chest in one swoop.

Once it hit the ground dead as a doornail, the blue hedgehog stated with satisfaction while dusting his hands. "Guess that's that…"

"Not so fast, rodent!"

Sonic turned his head and saw the three dumb bots standing in front of him.

"Well, well, long time no see…" He commented with sly grin. "I'm surprised Robuttnik didn't already turn you into scrap metal."

"Shut your trap!" Scratch ordered, pointing a finger at them. "Now we're gonna get even with you and your cyborg friend once and for all!"

"Oh brother, you buffoons never learn, do you?"

Sonic then said to Vanilla and Cream, along with Big, "Hurry, head for the exit with the others, pronto!"

"But what about you guys?" Cream inquired with worry.

"We'll be right behind you soon enough." Sonic told her with confidence "Just gotta take care of these wannabes first."

The two rabbits immediately complied and prepared to leave.

However, Big didn't, as he suggested to them, "Allow me to help you defeat these mean bots."

"That's ok, big guy," Sonic reiterated softly. "We got it covered."

Big though wouldn't talked out of it, as he said stepping up towards, "Oh no, I insist."

Cream meanwhile looked on perplexed, asking, "What are you doing, Big?"

Big turned towards her adopted little sister, replying with a firm expression on his face, "These bad bots need to be taught a lesson for scaring you, sis, and I'm going to see to it they get what's coming to them."

Bunnie now attempted to talk him out of it too, but didn't get the chance, as Scratch quickly spoke up with a cackle, "Oh, so the tub of lard furball now wants to tussle with us, eh? Well, that's fine with me!"

At this point, Sonic decided to let him help out as well, saying to Bunnie, "So, guys, what do you say we give these dumb bots an official Freedom Fighter thrashing?"

"With pleasure, Sugar." Bunnie replied psyched up, clinching her fists.

Cream during this time decided to trust the large purple and white cat, saying to him as she left with her mother, "Be careful, big brother."

As she left with her mother, the 3 dumb bots then quickly attempted to attack, only to be taken down once again with ease. Bunnie beat Scratch to the punch and grabbed his neck with her metal hand, flinging him hard against the wall.

The metal chicken hit it beak first, and was now firmly stuck.

Moments later, he saw Grounder and Coconuts charging towards him in a fury.

Thankfully, he didn't have to even make a move, as Big finally ran past the blue hedgehog, where he then winded his right arm back and swung it as hard as he could, punching Coconuts directly between the eyes.

This in turn slammed the metal monkey hard into Grounder hard from behind, causing both of them to hit the ground with a serious thud.

"Such child's play…" The blue hedgehog commented, giving Bunnie a high five.

"Now let's get these civilians outta this dump!" she said, taking off for the exit.

However, as they prepared to leave, two more Swatbots came out of nowhere; pointing their guns at them, with one ordering, "Surrender…!"

"Ah, great… just what we need." Sonic muttered.

The blue hedgehog then attempted to attack them, but was interrupted, as Big said to him firmly, placing a hand in front of his face, "Leave this bots to me. You help my Mom and little sister escape this horrible place."

"Hey, that's my job…!" Sonic protested.

Big though wouldn't back down, reiterating sharply to Sonic, "Please, you must help them escape at once! They're my family."

"But what about you, Sugar?" Bunnie inquired with concern.

"Don't worry about me." Big told her with boldness. "I won't be too long here. Just go, now!"

Sonic again was about to protest, but Bunnie spoke up before he could, saying, "Let's go Sugarhog. I don't you're going to be able to talk him out of it."

Seeing Big's firm determination in his eyes, Sonic finally relented, saying to him as he turned to leave, "I hope you know what you're doing, big guy. These Swatbutts aren't child's play."

And with that statement, he and the cyborg rabbit turned to leave.

After they left and the Swatbots began to open fire, Scratch finally pulled his beak out, shouting angrily, "I'll get that hedgehog if it's the last thing I do!"

However, before he could even take one step, Big abruptly grabbed the metal chicken by the top of his neck, making Scratch demand as he carried like him a club, "What do you think you're doing, you fat cat?"

"Since I don't have a weapon to fight with, you'll have to do instead." The large purple and white cat stated.

"Are you nuts?" Scratch yelled with disgust. "I'm no weapon!"

As Big ducked underneath the Swatbot's lasers, he retorted, "You are now…"

Before the metal chicken could comprehend that statement, Big indeed made him one, as he swung Scratch like a baseball bat, clobbering the two Swatbots to the ground in a heap.

"You rotten furball!" Scratch roared. "You're going to pay for this!"

Just then, another five Swatbots entered the room, making the metal chicken cackle with glee as they drew their weapons at him, "Oh, you're in trouble now, furball!"

Big meanwhile looked to his left, where he saw the heavily dazed Coconuts and Grounder still on the floor.

Seeing them there gave the large purple and white cat an idea, stating with confidence, "I guess I'll use all of you as weapons now."

That statement ironically put a lot of fear into the hearts of the three dumb bots.

Meanwhile, Sonic finally made it outside with Bunnie and the others. He was surprised to see that none of Snively's guards were roaming the area.

However he soon figured out why, as most of them were now frozen, thanks to Dulcy's ice attacks.

The green dragon soon came flying in and landed next to them

"Nice work, Sugar dragon." Bunnie complimented

"Yea, how did you take down so many out by yourself?" Sonic asked

"It was easy really. All I had to do was snipe at them from behind walls and stuff, and they soon became metal popsicles."

"Way cool." Sonic commented excited. "Ok, we need to get these civilians to Knothole, pronto!"

"I can't carry all of them at once, Sonic!" Dulcy protested.

"I know, just do the best you can."

"Ok, hop on board." The green dragon instructed them.

Several civilians then climbed aboard the large flying reptile and prepared for launch.

However, when Vanilla and Cream were next in line to leave, the young rabbit quickly spoke up, saying firmly, "Wait, we can't go without Big."

"Oh, you're right…" the mother rabbit replied, slightly slapping her forehead. "Where is he by the way?"

"He'll be here in a minute." Sonic explained to her. "Big is just cleaning up the robotic mess in the prison room."

"What?" Cream then looked at the blue hedgehog intently, asking of him deeply worried, "Why didn't you stay and give him a hand?"

"I would have," Sonic told her, "but he insisted I get you guys to safety first."

"Please, you have to go back in there and help him." Cream pleaded vehemently. "He's my special big brother…"

Sadly, the blue hedgehog was deeply torn inside at the moment, as he was also worried about the current whereabouts of Sally and his other comrades.

Bunnie thankfully spoke up to calm Cream's nerves, saying to Sonic, "You go on ahead and try to find Sally girl. I'll go back in and try and help that big cat from those nasty machines."

"Thanks, Bunnie." Sonic replied with a nod.

He then said to Vanilla, "Keep an eye on the rest of the civilians while we're away."

"Sure thing." The mother rabbit answered firmly, nodding as well.

Before the blue hedgehog took off, Bunnie said "Be careful, Sugarhog."

"Will do. Gotta juice!"

And with those words, the blue hedgehog took off and began to search the area.

After searching around for 5 minutes and not seeing them anywhere, he then tried the emergency radio.

Unfortunately though, he got no response.

"Sal must be too busy at the moment. No prob, I'll just hide behind the usual junk heap and scout the area for a sec…"

Once he arrived there, Sonic looked around the whole city, hoping to find a glimpse of his Sally or any of his comrades.

But again, he found nothing.

Moments later, he heard a voice say from behind, "Waiting for someone, rodent?"

Sonic quickly turned his head and shocked to see Snively in a twenty foot Swatbot standing behind him.

"What the heck? How did you get here so fast?"

"Easy, I was in stealth mode."

"So, gonna cheat to beat me this time, eh Snobley?"

"I don't need stealth to defeat you, you miserable hedgehog!" the small dictator shot back. "Because this robot is suited with a weapon not even you can escape from!"

"Yea, right... So what is that ugly hunk of junk anyway?"

"Feast your eyes on this, Sonic, as my Mega Swatbot will smash you under its metal feet within a matter of seconds!"

Sonic then looked at his foe with arched eyebrows, commenting, "You know, you really need to get out more, needle nose."

"Enough of your corny jokes, blue boy!" Snively roared. "I'll soon make you and the rest of your team pay dearly for destroying my precious roboticizers!"

"Aw, did we hurt your pwecious wittle machine?" Sonic mocked him in a babyish tone of voice. "That's too bad..."

Snively instantly fired a large laser blast at Sonic, but missed, as the blue hedgehog jumped to the right to dodge the attack.

"Whoa, no need to get hot under the collar, Shorty."

"When you see what this robot can do, rodent, I'll be the one who'll make the taunts at you!"

"I don't think so." Sonic declared boldly. "I'll turn that oversized tin can of yours into scrap metal in a Sonic second."

"Enough talk!" Snively stated with deep anger in his voice. "Prepare to die, you wretched troublemaker!"

Sonic quickly got into position to duel. It was time to end this madness of Snively's once and for all.

To be continued...
Chapter 5 is up.

Hope you like it.

Next Chapter : [link]
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SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Student Writer
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SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Student Writer
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I might be up for that.

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Well his power is lighting. He is a kick back & relax kind of guy but fights when he needs 2. His weapons of choice are twin swords so he can focus his electric powers through them 2 make them more effective. He never backs down from a fight and hates being told what 2 do
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Student Writer

Sounds interesting.

I may just take you up on your offer.

Although, I hope you wouldn't be offended if I suggested his powers be toned down a bit.

Personally, I wanted to make this a Satam fic of heavy guerrilla warfare styled of story with a few super abilities in some characters here and there added to the mix for some balance.
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