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Chapter 4: The Ambush

The following morning in Sally's hut, The Princess addressed the team about her and Sonic's experience in the East Mobius Shelter.

"Last night, we went to the shelter and met Sonic's siblings, Manic and Sonia. As it turns out, they have shown much interest in joining our team of Freedom Fighters. So, I've got a plan and bring them here post haste."

Bunnie then stood up and said with a smile, "Oh mah stars, that is so awesome! So what was it like being reunited with your brother and sister, Sugarhog?"

Sonic shrugged his shoulders and said, "Hey, what can I say, they were way past cool."

Sally of course groaned at his answer.

"Is your brother as cute as you are?" the cyborg rabbit asked.

"Nah, not quite. Oh, he's good looking, Bunnie, but nobody's in my class." Sonic bragged.

Sally then cleared her throat and said, "Sonic, you can talk about how cool your siblings are later. Right now, we need to get a plan ready to go."

"Aw c'mon, Sal, how hard will it be to bring my bro and sis here? Should be as easy as cake."

"Yes, it should be, but what if we run into trouble, Sonic? And who's to say we weren't spotted last night by one of Snively's spy orb?"

"Relax. After all, the hedgehog knows when trouble approaches."

Sally groaned again and replied, "All I'm saying is that we need to go in there heavily armed just to be on the safe side. We can't afford to make any mistakes on this mission or we'll compromise the shelter's security."

"So, what's the plan, Sally girl?" Bunnie inquired with curiosity.

"The plan is, Sonic and I will go in and bring them out. The rest of you will stand 100 ft away and be the lookouts. If you see any signs of Snively and the Swatbots, radio it in ASAP. Any questions?"

"Yes, my Princess." Antoine replied, raising his hand. "Did anyone ever tell you that you are even beautiful when you are"

Antoine didn't even get to finish his question as Bunnie smacked him on the back of the head with her metal hand. This time, a bit harder though.

"OW! Why did you hit me? Zat was uncalled for!" He demanded, massaging his neck.

"Ant, for the last time, when Sally asks if you have any questions, she means about the mission!"

The French coyote then started muttering to himself about being unfairly disciplined for just trying to win the Princess' heart.

Sally cleared her throat again a few seconds later and said, "If you're done talking to yourself, Antoine, I'll continue.

Once he quieted down, Sally said, "We leave here at 8pm on the dot. Before we go however, we'll need to get prepared. Rotor, you and Sir Charles go to your workshop and start building more grenades, smoke and pipe bombs.

"Got it." Rotor replied

"Bunnie, once they're done with that, I want you and Antoine to bring the ammo to the entrance of Knothole."

"Can do, Sally girl."

"What do you want me to do?" Sonic asked

"I want you and Tails go on a spying mission in Robotropolis to make sure he isn't aware of our plans."

"Are you sure you trust me with an assignment that big, Aunt Sally?" Tails asked. "What about my training?"

"You can finish your training when you get back, honey. Right now, I want to see how much you've learned from spending time with Practice Freedom Fighter Squad."

"No problem." The two tailed foxed said confidently. "I won't let you down."

"Yea, Tails and I will really give old needle nose a mondo headache if he dares to try anything funny." Sonic reiterated firmly.

"Sonic, please don't do anything reckless. Just go there and keep a close watch. Report back as soon as you get any info on his plans." Sally replied, walking over and handing him a walkie talkie.

"Got it, Sal." Sonic replied, putting the walkie talkie in his backpack. He then looked at his two tailed fox friend and asked, "Ready to go, big guy?"

"You bet, Sonic."

All right then, let's race, ace!"

And with those words, Sonic and Tails speeded out of the hut. Before they were out of range however, Sally shouted to them, "Be careful, you two!"

She quickly turned back to the team and said, "All right, everyone, meeting dismissed. Time to get to work on the double!"

The Freedom Fighters quickly left the hut and did just that. But Bunnie stayed behind and asked, "What you going to be doing, Sally girl?"

"For now, I'm going to stay in here and monitor Sonic's mission. When he radios in, I'll be his contact."

"All right then, holler if you need anything." Bunnie said, heading for the door.

"Will do, Bunnie."

Meanwhile, Snively was instructing the Swatbot army of his plan to overtake the East Mobius Shelter.

"At 5pm this evening, we'll overrun those rebels and bring them here to be roboticized. Any questions?"

When none spoke up, he added, "Good, now move out and prepare to leave. Also make sure that rotten hedgehog doesn't get any hint of this. It must be done fast and secretly. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." The Swatbots answered

"Excellent, now go!"

The Swatbots instantly obeyed and left Snively's main quarters. After they were gone, he said chuckling evilly, "Oh, this will be sweet revenge indeed. I'll finally have a leg up on that rotten hedgehog after I've turned that precious shelter he found into a wasteland! Heh, heh."

10 minutes later, Sonic and Tails stopped on a hill near Robotropolis.

"Now remember to stay close by, Tails." Sonic instructed. "Swatbutts are everywhere."

"Sure thing, Sonic."

"So, you ready to have a little fun with old Snurvley, bud?"

Tails giggled and answered, "Yea, let's really push his buttons."

Sonic and Tails then quickly ran ahead and hid behind a pile of junk.

"Ok, bud, watch this." Sonic said.

But before he could blast off, his radio started beeping.

"Doh man, who's calling me now?" the blue hedgehog asked with a groan.

Sonic pressed the button and said, "What's up?"

"Just checking in to make sure you arrived safely." Sally replied.

"We're fine, Sal. You seem to forget who you're talking to. There's nothing me and Tails can't handle together."

"Sonic, you're being too reckless again, as usual."

"Look, Sal, we really need to maintain radio silence for now. Tails and I are near Snively's headquarters and might get spotted by his metal heads if we make too much noise."

"Very well then, promise me you'll radio in the first minute you find out about Snively's latest scheme."

"Will do, Sal. Over and out."

Sonic immediately turned off the radio and peeked around the corner to see if they were any robots watching them.

"Hmm, that's odd. There's only three Swatbutts and two Hover Heads out here guarding the entrance. Snurvley must be up to something big. Let's go, Tails."

As they sped off however, neither realized a spy orb hiding near the junk pile nearby had picked up the whole conversation between him and Sally.

"So…" Snively said, rubbing his hands together, "the hedgehog's coming to spy on me, eh? Well, I'll certainly give him a story he can't possibly turn down. Heh heh."

Moments later, Sonic and Tails made their move, walking up to a Swatbot and waving at it.

"Priority one, Hedgehog!" The Swatbot shouted, showing its laser gun. "Surrender and don't move!"

"What do you think, Tails? Think we ought to comply?" Sonic asked with a smirk

Tails of course shook his head no, which caused the Swatbot to fire his laser at them, but missed as they both dodged it with ease.

When hover units soon approached with sirens blaring, Sonic said, "Love to stick around, but we gotta juice!"

And with those words, he and the two tailed fox blasted off and headed west.

The Swatbots and hover units quickly followed in hot pursuit saying, "Apprehend Freedom Fighters, do not destroy!"

While they were being chased, Sonic commented with a grin, "You'd think old needle nose would update their speech capability for a change."

"Maybe he's not smart enough to." Tails replied laughing

Sonic then led Snively's troops on a wild goose chase, running all over Robotropolis to try and lose them. When that didn't work, he and Tails hid behind a large piece of metal near the junk heap. As expected, they went right by without even stopping.

"It never fails." Sonic said chuckling "C'mon, T2, let's get inside the base."

The two of them quickly ran back to the base's doors, where they were greeted by more Swatbots commanding them to halt while pointing their weapons at their heads.

"You guys never learn, do you?" Sonic asked, shaking his head. "Oh well, it's time for you all to go on a Sonic whirlwind tour!"

Instantly, Sonic spun around at 360 degrees, causing a huge tornado to appear. The Swatbots went flying into the air and landed with a thud in pieces.

Tails at the time was twenty feet ft away and not affected by Sonic's attack in the least.

Seconds later, Snively banged his armrest while watching his monitors. "Those metallic fools! Can't they do anything right? Ah, no matter. I'll let them get in this time. But I better not make it too easy."

Snively then pressed a button on his computer, which showed a Swatbot on camera.

"Yes, sir?"

"Send a dozen Swatbots into the main headquarters entrance at once!"


Meanwhile, Tails was cracking the code on the main doors.

"How's it coming?"

"Patience, Sonic." The 2 tailed fox replied, tinkering with the keypad on wall. "This is not an easy system to break into."

"Patience is not one of my virtues." Sonic commented, tapping his foot.

Ten seconds later, Tails finally unlocked the code. "Yes! We're in, Sonic!"


But unfortunately, the moment the doors opened up, the dozen Swatbots Snively had requested now stood in front of them with weapons aimed at their heads.

"Not again." The blue hedgehog muttered with a groan

"Surrender," one ordered as they all pointed their weapons at them

"In your dreams, metal heads!" Sonic shouted.

Sonic then used his triple spin attack, knocking down the Swatbots like bowling pins.

"C'mon, Tails!"

The two tailed fox quickly made his past the stunned bots on the floor and then stood next to Sonic.

"Ok, jump into my backpack, lil bro. Things are gonna get dicey from here!"

"Got it." Tails replied

After he climbed inside, the Swatbots got back on their feet, pointing their weapons at them both.

"Surrender!" The Swatbots ordered again.

"Don't you guys ever say anything else?" Sonic asked sarcastically. "I guess not, see ya!"

Sonic instantly blasted off while the Swatbots chased him firing multiple laser shots in rapid succession.

"Do you think we should have a gotten a Power Ring before we left?" Tails asked while Sonic was running.

"Don't need one, big guy." The blue hedgehog replied. "We'll save that for tonight when we visit the East Mobius Shelter."

While this was going on, Snively was tracking their every move via the building's security cameras

"Yes, that's right, hedgehog. Right this way. When you invade my quarters, I'll have a big surprise waiting for you."

Snively then began checking the cameras where they would soon be entering. "Ah ha, of course. There's an air duct up ahead. Now to recall the guards."

Moments later, Tails said pointing up ahead, "Sonic, look. An air duct."

"Cool," Sonic said, grinding his shoes to a halt. "We better move fast with those tin heads on our heels."

Once they attempted to pull it out, Snively pressed a button that commanded the Swatbots chasing them to withdraw and head back.

Sonic and Tails struggled to pull the cover of the air duct off, but it was sealed tight.

"Drat!" the blue hedgehog shouted. "It won't budge!"

"Wait, I've got an idea." Tails said, reaching inside Sonic's backpack. Moments later, he pulled out a pipe bomb.

"Whoa, where did you get that?" Sonic asked a bit in shock.

"I brought it along with us incase we needed some fire power." Tails replied.

"Nice thinking, big guy. Care to do the honors?"

"With pleasure," the two tailed fox answered, tossing it at the duct swiftly

The pipe bomb hit the air duct directly in the middle, exploding with intensity on contact. As a result, it put a big hole in it, even making a lot of smoke billow around the area too.

Once the smoke cleared, Sonic said while giving him a high five. "Way cool move, Tails."

The two of then quickly made their way inside and traveled upwards.

Little did they realize however, Snively immediately sent of his special spy orbs inside the air duct as well to track their progress.

As Sonic and Tails continued to make their way closer to Snively's main quarters, a bad feeling came over the blue hedgehog. So much that he stopped walking

"The air duct to Snively's room is just ahead." Tails announced.

But when he saw Sonic stopped, he walked back towards him and asked, "Something wrong?"

"I don't know, T2, but I got this feeling something ain't right. I mean, those Swatbutts haven't even ran past the air duct we went inside.

"Well, maybe they got lost or something." Tails replied trying to come up with an explanation

Sonic however didn't buy that theory one bit. He even had a bad feeling inside that Snively was setting them up in a trap.

Fortunately for Snively though, the spy orb had picked up his words of suspicion.

"That blasted hedgehog! Why must he always be so distrusting of my battle tactics?"

After giving it some thought, Snively pressed a button on his monitors.

"Yes, sir?"

"Send twelve Swatbots to Sector 5 and fill the air duct full of tear gas after it has been repaired. Also seal off all the vents in the building except for the one above my quarters."

"Will do, sir."

Instantly, the Swatbots arrived at Sector 5 and repaired the hole in the wall quickly. While two of them were doing that, another pressed a button and sealed off all the air ducts as Snively requested. Then they began to pour massive amounts of tear gas into a small hole they drilled on the repaired air duct. Within seconds, the whole area inside began to be filled with gas. So much in fact, it even began to fill around where Sonic and Tails were walking.

"Sonic, look!" Tails shouted, pointing behind them

When the blue hedgehog saw it coming too, he grabbed his two tailed friend by the arm and made a serious run for it. While he was running, he noticed the other air ducts were sealed off. Sonic now knew instantly they had been discovered.

"What do we do, Sonic?" Tails asked with fear in his voice.

"I don't know," Sonic replied still running, "But there's gotta be a way out of here."

Moments later while running, Tails said, "Look."

Sonic stopped, and discovered the air duct above Snively's quarters wasn't blocked off.

"All right, we're here." the 2 tailed fox said enthusiastically.

Sonic though was very suspicious. "Something's not right here, Tails. Its like he wants us to go to his room."

"I don't think we have time to argue about that." Tails said, pointing ahead.

Indeed he was right, as the gas was filling in from all sides.

Since there was no where else to go, Sonic said sighing in defeat, "Oh, all right. Stand back, Tails!"

The blue hedgehog quickly did his triple spin attack, cutting through the bars. Once that was done, he and Tails quickly jumped down into Snively's quarters just moments from being infected by the tear gas.

After they landed on the ground, Snively turned around in his chair and pretended to be surprised to see them.

"Ah! What are you two doing in here?" he demanded

"Enough games, Snurvley! What are you up to?"

"None of your business, blue boy!"

"Oh, is that so? Well, perhaps you need to go for a spin then, needle nose!"

Sonic instantly ran up and spun him around in his chair at 360 degrees with blazing speed

While he was screaming around, Sonic and Tails went to his main computer and tried to access his files. But unfortunately, it was heavily encrypted.

"Drat!" Tails shouted "I guess we're going to need Snively's help to get the files."

"No prob, lil bro."

Sonic then ran up to the chair and immediately brought it to a halt using his shoes as friction to slow it down.

"You rotten Freedom Fighters!" Snively shouted with his eyes still spinning. "You won't get away with this!"

"Want to bet?" the blue hedgehog dared. "Now give us the code to access your secret files or else!"

"Or else what, rodent?"

"Or else we'll be playing another round of spin the chair!" Sonic reiterated with a fierce glare.

Snively pretended to be infuriated at his threat and quickly replied with a frown, "Very well then…"

He then gave them the encryption password, thus enabling the 2 Freedom Fighters to look at the secret files.

As Sonic and Tails began to look at them, the two tailed fox commented ten seconds later, "According to this, Snively was going to launch an all out attack on the Wolf Pack and take over their land."

"So, trying to weaken our core of Freedom Fighters eh, Snurvley? Nice try, but your plans will fail now that we got the inside scoop."

Snively continued his act as he gritted his teeth at the blue hedgehog. "You miserable rodent! I'll make you… "

"Put a cork in it, needle nose! It's over. Tails, put those files on a CD and let's juice!"

"What are we going to do about him?" Tails asked.

"Simple." Sonic pulled some rope out of his backpack and tied Snively up nice and tight in his chair.

Once the ropes were securely fastened and Tails put the files on a CD, Sonic took the disk and put it in a protective case. Then he stored it in his backpack, saying, "All right then, T2, Let's race!"

Sonic and Tails instantly ran out of the room while Snively shouted with rage, "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU BAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!"

Once they were out of sight however, Snively used his nose to press a button.

"Yes, sir?"

"Get a Swatbot in here at once to untie me!"

"Right away, sir…"

After he was loosed from the chair, Snively rubbed his hands with an evil grin on his face. "Looks like I've taken you for a ride this time, hedgehog! And the best part is, they still have no idea of my plans to overrun that shelter. Tonight, Snively the great will finally put a dent in the Freedom Fighter's stronghold! Ah Ha Ha Ha!"

After Sonic and Tails arrived at the same hilltop near Robotropolis, Sonic radioed in. "Sal, do you read me?"

"This is Sally, what's up?"

"Mission accomplished, Sal. Tails and I got Snively's secret file plans and are now heading back to Knothole."

"Good job, guys!" Sally said excited.

"See, I told you Snively's army was no match for us." The blue hedgehog bragged

"Sonic, please don't that. We've still got too much work ahead of us."

"Yea, yea, I know. See you soon, Sal."

Ten minutes later, Sonic and Tails arrived back at Knothole, when they then headed inside Sally's hut to show her the files.

"Here are the plans, Sal." Sonic said, handing her the disk

"Thanks, you two." Sally said, giving them both a kiss on the cheek.

Tails of course rubbed it off in embarrassment.

"Nicole, access the files on the CD."

"Accessing, Sally." Nicole replied

Once they were on display, Sally commented, "Hmm, so tomorrow he's planning to overtake the Wolf Pack and steal their land. Strange, I wonder why he would need his entire army to take them down. I mean, there're not even twenty five of them left."

"You think it smells, Sal?"

"I don't know, Sonic. I just find this whole plan a bit… suspicious."

Sonic soon put a hand under to his chin to think, saying, "Yea, now that you mention it, Sal it does seem a bit weird to have the whole Robotropolis army attack a small group like the Wolf Pack. What should we do then?"

"Well, we might as well play it safe, Sonic. I mean, no harm in alerting them in case it really is true."

"Good thinking."

Sally instantly wrote a letter informing the Wolf Pack of the supposed all out attack by Snively and then sent it to them by a robotic messenger pigeon.

After it flew out the window, Tails asked concerned, "You really think Snively baited us, Aunt Sally?"

"I don't know, honey." She replied shaking her head. "I just don't know…"

"We'll worry about that later." Sonic said. "Right now, we need to get ready to leave tonight for the East Mobius Shelter."

"You're right, Sonic."

"As always, Sal." He bragged again.

Sally groaned and put a hand on her forehead. Some things apparently never changed.

As evening approached, Snively and his army made their move.

Once they arrived at the flowerbed, Snively said, "Hmm, according to those Freedom Fighters on opening the shelter, they said to pluck the daisy that doesn't look real. What does that mean anyway? Oh well, better get started."

Snively immediately began to inspect each daisy at a time. As with the Sonic and Sally, he too had a hard time figuring it out. With every passing minute, his patience grew thinner and thinner.

"Blasted security! I must give them a lot of credit on how they've stayed undetected for so long."

Snively was tempted to ask the Swatbots to help him, but then he realized they would more than likely screw up and make his access to the shelter impossible.

Finally thirty minutes later, he found a daisy that looked odd.

"Hmm, a yellow daisy with blue specks on top? This can't be right. Then I guess that means… This must the one!"

Snively quickly pulled it up and waited for the secret passageway to open up. When it didn't right away, he said furrowing his brow, "What? Don't tell me they changed the code on here!"

After waiting ten seconds, Snively was now ready to have his army blow a hole in the ground to find it. But before he could give the command, the ground began to shake.

"What in Mobius is going on?" he pondered, trying to keep from falling over

Suddenly, a hole in the ground appeared near the flowerbed, revealing a staircase.

"YES!" Snively shouted with glee. "Follow me at once!" He ordered his army

"Yes, sir."

But they too soon discovered the darkness ¼ of the way down the stairs, forcing them to halt.

"Hmm, so using a lack of vision as a security mechanism, eh? No matter. Swatbot #1, get a light in here so we can see where we're going."

"Yes, sir."

The Swatbot instantly used his laser on a stick he had found outside, turning it into a torch.

After the Swatbot handed it to Snively, he ordered his army, "Stick together, and prepare for any other traps they may have for intruders!"

"Yes, sir."

Fortunately for the small dictator, the torch provided more than enough light for them while they made their way down the long staircase.

two minutes later, Snively saw a door ahead.

But before he stepped off the final step on the stairs, he stopped and commented to himself, "More then likely that grass ahead of us is heavily booby trapped. Swatbots, fire your lasers at the ground to test it!"

"Yes, sir!"

Several Swatbots quickly began firing all around the ground. As Snivley had thought, more than three traps activated instantly. One was a tear gas bomb that filled the whole room, another was mega muck cleverly hidden on the ground on the right side. There was even one that revealed a trap where the left part of the floor had a huge hole covered with sticks and grass. And then finally of course, the trap that had captured Sonic and Sally stood a few feet ahead of where Snively now stood.

Snively was very impressed at the defenses of this place. "The leader of this place is good, but not good enough! All right Swatbots, blast the doors down!"

"Yes, Sir."

Instantly, the Swatbots tossed several dozen grenades at the door, resulting it exploding on contact, eventually blasting the door down.

"What in blazes?" Cyrus said came running in

"SURPRISE!" Snively shouted with a laugh

"YOU? GET THEM!" The lion ordered his guards

His guards quickly ran up and began firing at the Swatbots. Snively's troops soon returned fire, making the guards hide the wall behind to avoid being hit by the lasers and then continued to shoot.

"Hit them with mega muck bombs!" Cyrus ordered

Cyrus' guards did just that and heaved multiple bombs at the Swatbots and hover units, trapping more than a dozen in its sticky substance

Snively's facial expression instantly changed to one of rage. "Use the stun guns on them, you morons!"

The Swatbots quickly changed weapons and rapidly fired the stun beams at the guards. Slowly but surely, the plan was working since Snively had more Swatbots than they could handle.

Within two minutes, the guards and Cyrus were all hit by the beams and quickly subdued.

After they were taken care of, Snively ordered his robot soldiers, "Now set fire to the place to smoke them out!"

The Swatbots immediately complied, throwing grenades at the buildings around the shelter and then used their lasers on the grass to make it ignite

Within seconds, the citizens of the shelter began to panic and run for their lives while the flames and smoke bellowed all around them.

Cream, who was playing with a rubber ball at the time with Big, saw what was going on and ran back to her home in a terrible fright with the large white and purple cat in tow.

Once she was inside, she clutched tightly to her Mother's leg.

"Cream, what's wrong?" Vanilla asked concerned

"Evil robots have discovered the shelter!" the young rabbit cried out.

Seconds later, 2 Swatbots crashed through her front door and said loudly, "You are now prisoners of Snively the great!"

Vanilla gasped in horror as she saw they were completely surrounded. There would be no escape.

Big then tried to fend them off with his strength to try and help Cream and his Mom escape, but it was sadly in vain. Instead, they captured him in a large net before he could even punch one Swatbot to the ground.

Meanwhile, one of the grenades hit Bert's Chili Dog stand, causing major structural damage to the building, forcing Bert Whoo and Roxy to evacuate. But they couldn't get far as several Swatbots and hover units quickly surrounded them.

"You are under arrest!" A Swatbot ordered

"Over my dead body!" Bert Whoo yelled, taking Roxy by the hand and trying making a run for it.

Unfortunately, it was all for naught. Within seconds, a Swatbot fired an electromagnetic net on top of them, easily trapping them underneath.

While this was going on, Manic and Sonic, along with Bartleby came running out of their homes to see what the commotion was. In an instant, they all gasped in horror. Their shelter was being completely destroyed right in front of their eyes.

"How did he find us?" Manic asked perplexed

"Never mind that," Sonia replied, "We've gotta stop them!"

"By ourselves? You're joking right, sis?"

When Sonia gave him a serious look, Manic sighed and said, "Fine, let's do this."

"You both are crazy." Bartleby stated. "We don't stand a chance at stopping these machines."

Sonia now gave him the look too, replying, "Bartleby, if you really love me, you'll hunker down and fight for our freedom!"

"But, I…"

"I'm not going to argue with you anymore." The female hedgehog reiterated sharply. "I've got a job to do, and I suggest you do the same."

And with the statement, the green hedgehog grabbed his hover board and began to fly towards them while Sonia ran on foot.

Not surprisingly, Bartleby half heartedly followed after them, but at a safe distance in order to keep from getting in the line of fire.

Back on the other side, the Swatbots were rounding up the citizens of the shelter with ease. 75% of them were now caught in their nets and helpless to escape.

"Oh, this is too easy!" Snively commented with a laugh. "These fools are no match for my army!"

"That's what you think, Shorty!" Sonia shouted running towards him

"What the..."

In an instant, Sonia knocked Snively flat on his back with a karate kick aimed directly underneath his chin.

As he struggled to get up, Snively said to her while rubbing his chin seething inside, "Why you little… You dare resist me, rodent?"

"I'm not letting you take this shelter without a fight, needle nose!" she retorted boldly.

"Needle nose?" He then took a good look at Sonia and thought, somehow, her appearance reminds of that blue hedgehog! Could she be related to him?

Snively though composed himself a split second later and ordered his Swatbots, "Get her!"

The Swatbots instantly fired their lasers at her, but missed. Sonia then used her martial arts skills and knocked two of them to the ground with her feet. Moments later, seveen Swatbots surrounded her in a circle.

"Oh, you want to play huh?" Sonia said boldly. "Well, try this one for size!"

Sonia quickly used her special spin attack to bust right through them, knocking several of them backwards.

"Stop fooling around and trap her!" Snively ordered enraged

Moments later while she was still spinning, two hover units then came flying in and grabbed her with their mechanical hands from behind.

"Hey, let me go, bolt brains!" Sonia shouted, struggling to get free

"Shut up, missy!" Snively ordered her. "I must admit, you're pretty brave to take on my army alone, but extremely stupid as well! Put her in the net at once!"

"Yes, sir."

But before they could, both hover units were each hit by a bomb from above, putting them out of commission. After they crashed to the ground in a heap, Sonia quickly escaped from the wrecked machines.

"What the heck?" Snively said angrily looking up.

"Hey, mind if I have a turn with your toys?" Manic asked while hovering overhead.

As it turned, the green hedgehog had borrowed some ammo from Cyrus' supply room and used it to his advantage.

Snively instantly pointed at the green hedgehog and ordered the Swatbots, "Blast him to bits!"

"Yes, sir."

The Swatbots rapidly fired laser shots in consecutive fashion at Manic's hover board, but missed again and again. Sonia then gave her brother a hand and knocked down 3 more Swatbots to the ground with several perfectly executed karate kicks to their metallic chests.

"Why you little…" Snively now ran up to her from behind and grabbed Sonia by her shoulders.

As she struggled to get free, Snively said to her with arrogance, "Resistance is futile, hedgehog!"

"In your dreams, bozo!" Sonia responded with a sharp kick to his groin, forcing Snively to let her go and clutch himself in pain.

Seeing there were too many to fight, Sonia said to Manic, "We can't do this alone. let's get Sonic and the Freedom Fighters' help at once!"

"Right, sis."

Manic then came in low to pick up her sister. Once he was in range, Sonia grabbed the hover board by its edges since there was no room for her to climb onto.

"Hang on, Sonia." Manic said, putting the board on max speed.

Sadly, their escape was short lived. Snively saw them bolting for the exit and grabbed one of the stun guns from a Swatbot. With one precise shot, he hit the green hedgehog from behind with a stun beam, causing Manic to lose control of his hover board and crash to the ground near the entrance of the shelter. Sonia was forced to let go of it as well, also hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

While they struggled to get up, Snively walked up to them and said boldly, "So much for you heroics, rodents! Take them prisoner!" he ordered his Swatbots

Once the two hedgehogs were trapped inside the net, Sonia said to Manic with her head down, "We're in big trouble."

An hour later, Sonic and all the Freedom Fighters from Knothole arrived at the daisy flowerbed near the East Mobius Shelter

"Ok guys," Sally instructed the others. "Stay hidden close behind the trees. If any of Snively's forces show up, radio us in immediately."

"Will do, Sally girl."

Once they were in position, Sally quickly found the daisy and pulled it up. As before, the ground opened up, revealing the staircase. Sonic and Sally soon made their way down the stairs to bring Manic and Sonia out.

While they were down there, Antoine asked, "You think they'll be back soon?"

"Who knows?" Bunnie replied. "But we got stay in position until they do."

A minute later however, the whole Freedom Fighter team heard Sonic and Sally scream in deep horror.

Bunnie then ran near the stood near the staircase and asked them when they were coming out, "What's wrong?"

"The whole place has been trashed!" Sonic shouted in shock. "And all the people inside are gone!"

The entire team gasped once they heard that.

"Even that mondo stone that powered the city was taken too!" he added in disbelief. "I cannot believe this...!"

Sally instantly stomped her foot in disgust, shouting angrily, "I should have known those plans were phony! That maniac completely set us up!"

"Now what do we do?" Tails asked

"Only one thing to do," Sonic replied gritting his teeth. "Go to Robotropolis and make old needle nose pay, in spades!"

"Do… you think they've already been roboticized?" Bunnie inquired with deep concern.

"I don't know," Sonic answered with fierce anger, "But if he did, I'm swear I'm going to…"

"Sonic, there's no point in thinking the worst now." Sally told him firmly. "We may be able to still save them in time."

"I hope so…" The blue hedgehog muttered softly. "Anyway, let's get moving!"

"It's a good thing we went heavily armed." Sally commented a bit relieved. "Otherwise, we would have to turn back to get the weapons."

Sonic then turned to the others and said, "Meet me at the junk heap. I've got some stuff to do."

"Don't be rash, Sonic." Sally warned him. "You just can't go charging in there. Who knows what tricks Snively has up his sleeves this time?"

"Well, at least let me scout out the area." He argued back. "I need something to do to unwind."

Sally sighed and eventually complied with extreme reluctance. "Oh all right, Sonic, go ahead. Just keep a low profile until we arrive all right?"

"Got it, Sal. Time to juice and cut it loose!"

After Sonic rocketed off for the city, Sally said to Dulcy, "We'll need you to get us there as quickly as possible. Can you carry all of us?"

"No problem." The green dragon replied confidently. "Hop on, everyone!"

The rest of the team then climbed aboard Dulcy and held on tight. It would be a snug fit, but just enough room for them.

Once they were all aboard, Dulcy flew high in the air and snapped her tail to give herself a burst of speed. The others soon after held onto the dragon for dear life as Dulcy zipped the through the wind with breathtaking speed.

It was now a race against the clock. Would they be able to save the East Mobius Shelter citizens in time?

To be continued...
Here's Chapter 4


Next Chapter: [link]
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Leebo4 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Uh oh snidely,mi almost feel sorry for what is going to happen to you
almost being the key word of course 
hudsoaus Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
grrrrrrrr. nose head is gonna pay for this.

sonic: how was that for ya, Snurvley?


you can never beat sonic, snurvley. HA!
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Student Writer
Yea, Snively never seems to learn that lesson sadly. :lol:

But, you gotta give him credit for his persistence.
hudsoaus Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
yeah, he doesn't give up. he's tough, i'll give him that.
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Its ironic how fan writers are better than the *grrrg* offical writers...
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Student Writer
That's because alot of fan writers actually give a crap about the series and aren't in mainly it to please themselves and abuse their position of making canon material.

Ian clearly has done this, but his fans will swear up and down that is not the case.
FunnelVortex Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The fact the guy has fans, sane or insane, just pisses me off.
Redlolz Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Student Writer
Indeed, but we can only hope Ian will screw himself over badly and that they'll finally wake up and see the charlatan that he really is.
FunnelVortex Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. Just think about it.

Sonic could have been part of human legacy.

But with a money-hungry company and poor writers, that just aint gonna happen.

But dont give up dude. There is still hope. We can still get Sonic back to where he should be. Sure, it may take a while, but if we sit on our asses and do nothing, it will NEVER happen.

You are getting a good start by writing fanfictions making people realize what Sonic should be like.

We cant give up!

As Sonic and Sally would say "lets do it to it".
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Student Writer
Thanks for your encouraging words.

And yea, I try to make Sonic the way he SHOULD BE, someone who may like to brag and showoff at times, but he really cares about his friends and will fight to the death if Robotnik ever hurt one of them.

That's not the vibe at all I get from Ian when he portrays Sonic. You know what I see instead? I see an arrogant hero who enjoys being cool and the chase of taking it to Eggman.

Yea, it's all a game to him. That's the garbage Ian has turned him into.

I bet if Ian had his way, Sonic wouldn't shed a tear if Sally were killed by Eggman. He'd probably then even have him make out with Amy next to her grave as his way of showing ultimate desecration to a beloved character.

I know that sounds like I really hate the guy to talk like this, but that is how low I think of Flynn. He has no absolutely no class at all when it comes to Sonic.

Sonic fans can rail on Penders as a creep all they want, but at least his version of Sonic was better. Sonic acted like he did give a crap about life and his friends.

Not so here.
FunnelVortex Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Auughhhhh, its too horrible to think about.

If Sally died, we would get an emotional story of Sonic not giving up hope, racing against time to collect the Chaos Emeralds, with Sally's spirit secretly guiding him. And once he obtains them, he uses thier energy to revive Sally and they would be reunited, and Sonic would value his love for her more than before the experiance.

Oh wait a minute, that is a story we actually want to see...
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Student Writer
It'd be better than what Ian has given us.
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Anyway, I hope it didn't bother you I had it basically on the Sonamy side.

I basically was experimenting with the Sonic X universe and decided to make my own interpretation of it while having an epic story with Kitty and Eggman battling for the rights to of the world.

I actually wish Kitty was apart of the Sonic cast.

She's such a cool character, especially in the first five or so episode of T.U.F.F Puppy.
Twilight-Na Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know right? She was EPIC! That story arc is cool!
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Student Writer
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