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Part 2B of 3

Back upstairs, Bunnie finally wrenched the elevator doors open during this time, though having to use a lot of robotic arm strength in order to do so. After that was done, the cyborg rabbit flew towards the room below, where she again saw another set of doors in her path, locked tight.

Bunnie then heard Sally scream in absolute terror, even from that far away, making her gasp in horror, saying while placing her non metal hand in front of her face, "Oh no, Sally's girl in real trouble. I gotta help her!"

The split second she finished that sentence, Bunnie decided she had to get through the metal doors and quickly. Realizing it would take too long to pry them open, she did the next thing… Bunnie would ram them with her robotic arm and legs to try and break them down.

C'mon, Bunnie… the cyborg rabbit told herself in her mind while hovering near the back of the elevator chamber wall, Sally's counting on you. You can't let her down!

Sally would indeed have her hands full now. With nothing to protect her but the computer chair, the squirrel Princess did indeed try to use the chair in order to shield herself from its attacks.

Sadly, the chair wouldn't even provide three seconds of cushion. Silver Sonic III cut the metal chair to pieces almost immediately on contact, putting Sally in an even deeper panic than before.

Eggman meanwhile during this time ordered his robot after the chair was destroyed, "Cut her to pieces too, my marvelous creation! Give this rodent no place to hide!"

Silver Sonic III did indeed do just that, as he hunted after Sally with absolute fury, giving her no breathing room whatsoever. Nevertheless, the squirrel Princess fought valiantly in response to this, using whatever evasion tactic she could think of to keep her fur and tail in one piece.

Ironically, to compound the situation, even for Eggman, Silver Sonic III was almost too good at its job of trying to hunt her down. After Sally evaded a spin attack aimed at her from the back of the room, Silver Sonic III quickly changed course, now heading for Sally again, who was now standing on the table near the computer that would activate the ray.

Eggman then shouted at his machine, now almost in a panic himself, "Stay away from my computer, you metal moron! I can't have your blades destroying my equipment that would prevent me from firing the Death Egg cannon!"

Hearing this relieved Sally a bit inside, as she stayed on the table to keep herself intact. She then shouted at Nicole after seeing the percentage hit 98%, "Nicole, do what you gotta do! We can't let Eggman kill the citizens!"

Even now, Nicole still struggled within herself to try this last bit effort, especially since it could prove to be fatal to her if done incorrectly. Nevertheless, she knew Sally had a point. So, she replied softly, "Very well, I'll give it my best efforts, Sally."

What Nicole was planning to do, was none other than attempt to intercept the charging process and have it transfer its power from the cannon to hers.

On one hand, it could be a brilliant strategy if timed well, fully recharging her, thus giving the A.I lynx a much greater chance at getting past the encryption process and stopping the cannon. On the other hand though, there was a solid chance her portable power supply could be overloaded due to receiving too much power, risking it not only blowing up, but even risking her own A.I life as well.

Even so, Nicole knew too many lives were at stake to worry about the risks now. She then buckled down and said to herself within her programming, "I must stop Eggman's cannon, no matter what the cost…"

Back on the main floor, Sonic and Amy's solo battles would not be a cake in the walk, in spite of the fact they were each only facing one opponent.

Even though Snively was forced to work with Metal Sonic, that would not deter his determination to wipe out his opponent in the least. The small lackey even wore a special device on his head to help him out.

Sonic not surprisingly couldn't help but poke fun at the goofy looking contraption, asking with a jab, asking after bouncing off of Metal Sonic, "Hey, what's with the ugly hat, Snobley? Need something to cover your bald hair?"

"Yuk it up all you want, rodent," Snively shot back, now strapping it on tightly around his chin. "But this device is really going to put you to the test!"

"Oh yea?" Sonic countered, getting into a fighting position again. "Prove it."

"Watch and learn, hedgehog!" Snively retorted, now grinning at him, pointing a finger in his face "I'll soon wipe that disgusting smirk off of your face."

Snively's words not surprisingly lit a fire into the blue hedgehog, as he again charged up a spin dash while at a standstill.

As for Amy, she found out soon enough herself that Lien-Da wasn't one of the head Dark Legion members for nothing. The pink hedgehog again and again took violent swings of her Piko Hammer at the red female echidna, trying as hard as she could to level her to the floor.

Unfortunately, in spite of her best efforts, Lien-Da easily evaded her ongoing onslaught of hammer swings, moving her head from side to side, even back flipping out of harm's way when one swing got too close for comfort.

After a half dozen misses, Amy said with a growl, "Stop jumping around already and fight me!"

Lien-Da though kept her cool, retorting icily while jumping over a hammer smash attack of Amy's, "But if I did that, I wouldn't get the pleasure of seeing you all bent out of shape."

"You'll be the one who's bent out of shape if you don't stop running your mouth!" Amy shot back.

Amy then tried even harder, putting every effort of muscle into every hammer to smack Lien-Da. But again, the female red echidna was too disciplined and composed for that to happen.

Finally, within thirty seconds after she heard Amy began to gasp for air, Lien-Da made her move, saying while stretching her whip like a belt in a mocking tone of voice, "Getting tired already, brat? I thought you'd have more stamina than this."

"Shut up!" Amy roared, still taking a couple of breaths, "I have yet begun to fight!"

Amy unwisely charged after her again, but this time she would pay for it dearly. The split second she charged towards Lien-Da again, the red female echidna finally went on the offensive. She then winded her hand back and waited patiently for Amy's next hammer swing.

The split second she saw Amy attempting another devastating hammer blow, Lien-Da launched her whip towards the pink hedgehog, where she snuggly wrapped it around the large red and yellow hammer.

Amy meanwhile went to swing again, but this time she couldn't, as the whip had completely tangled it up. Lien-Da then said when she saw her foe's shocked reaction to this, "Fun and games are over, pinky. Now comes the pain."

And with that statement, Lien-Da tugged even harder on her whip, now wrenching it completely out of her hands.

Before Amy could react to this, the female red echidna quickly unleashed her next move, where she then strongly flung her hammer still tangled in the whip directly at her face.

Amy though ducked underneath it, saying with a witty retort, "Ha, ya missed me!"

Again, Lien-Da didn't bat an eye at her jab, replying after a short pause, "Boomerang effect, in 3, 2, 1…"

Amy unfortunately didn't get the gist of this saying until it was too late, where she was then smacked hard in the back of the head with her own Piko Hammer after Lien-Da yanked hard on it, hitting the floor with a serious thud.

As for Lien-Da, she was too disciplined to make the same mistake, as she instead caught the stick end of the hammer with her free hand.

Amy meanwhile clutched the back of her head with her right head, groaning loudly in pain. Lien-Da then said to rub it in her face, "A pity really… without this so called big hammer of yours, you're completely useless in battle."

In spite of this taunt, the pink hedgehog shot back, glaring at her opponent while standing on one leg, "I am not useless in battle, you legionized witch! I am a top notch Freedom Fighter regardless!"

"Very well then…" Lien-Da retorted, holding her whip up high, preparing to strike again, "We'll see just how tough you really are!"

The split second she finished that statement, the red female echidna flung her whip at Amy with lightning styled speed, striking her directly on the opposite cheek of where she received her bruise from getting hit in the face with the Piko Hammer.

This time though, the whip left a small cut on her left cheek, even making her cry out in pain upon infliction.

"Aw, what's the matter, brat?" Lien-Da mocked, holding her whip up high again, "Can't handle a little pain?"

Again, Lien-Da flung her whip at the pink hedgehog, this directly on her back, inflicting even more pain on her. Like before, Amy again cried out in pain, even almost losing her balance due to the abrupt blow.

Lien-Da still wouldn't let up, as she flung her whip at Amy a third time within moments, this time directly at the back of her right leg, the one she was currently standing on, leaving a large red mark on it.

This time, Amy hit the floor, now crying out in even more pain while clutching her freshly wounded leg tightly. Tears were even beginning to form in her eyes, as each whip stroke really stung hard.

"You're completely wasting my time, you pathetic excuse for a Freedom Fighter." Lien-Da told her bluntly with a frown. "You don't even deserve to fight with elites like Sonic. You're just a pathetic baby."

That statement finally caused Amy to fully snap inside. She would not let the Dark Legionaire embarrass her any longer. She then abruptly stood up and declared boldly with a fierce his, pointing a finger in her face "You can mock my maturity and question my fighting skills, but don't you EVER say I don't deserve to fight along side my beloved Sonikku!"

Amy quickly added with full rage in her eyes, "Nobody is going to take that right away from me! NOBODY!"

Surprisingly, Lien-Da couldn't help but be a little startled by Amy's sudden outburst of anger. Nevertheless, she soon said in response with a smirk, "If you really mean business here, then let's see you beat me without your precious mallet."

Lien-Da then tossed her hammer clear across the room with one strong heave, putting a look of deep concern on her face. Lien-Da unfortunately saw that look on her face, telling Amy with an icy expression on her face, "Still feeling bold now, pinkie?"

Amy deep down was feeling very uneasy inside. She knew without her hammer, she wasn't even a tenth the fighter she was known with it.

Nevertheless, Amy would not back down. Lien-Da had deeply insulted something she valued dearly in her life. And for that cutting remark, the pink hedgehog swore to make her pay big time.

It's not looking good, Amy thought to herself, but there's too much at stake now. I will defeat her for the honor of my rank as a Freedom Fighter, as well as my rights to fight alongside my beloved Sonikku…

"Well, you can attack me any time now," Lien-Da mocked, "or run home and cry, either one is fine with me."

Amy again took her stinging words to heart, thinking to herself again, it's time I put Julie-Su's training to the ultimate test. If anyone fights like her, it would definitely be Lien-Da.

And with those words, the pink hedgehog charged towards her, more determined than ever to take down her opponent.

Meanwhile, Sonic soon discovered himself that Snively's threatening words to him would hold a lot more water than previously thought. Metal Sonic, in spite of not being a third of Silver Sonic III sill fought valiantly, even a bit intelligently too. No matter what move the blue hedgehog tried to use to bring his blue spiky imposter down, it held up, almost matching him blow for blow.

This is getting ridiculous, Sonic thought to himself angrily, preparing to attempt another spin dash at it. How is this thing being able to negate my every move?

Little did Sonic realize, Snively's head gear was playing a much bigger role in this than he ever thought possible. After another three failed attacks, Sonic's patience finally ran out, thinking to himself, that does it! No more playing around, it's time I got serious!

The blue hedgehog then charged towards the blue spiky robot preparing to hit him with a well timed homing spin dash attack from above once he jumped in the air. Sadly, to his shock, Metal Sonic was able to completely counter it. The split second he jumped into the air, the blue spiky robot hit him with a well timed spin dash attack to his chest, knocking him to the ground with a thud.

"What the…? How did that thing just…?"

Snively now flashed a full grin at his opponent, asking him icily with a taunt, "What's the matter, blue boy? I thought you were supposed to be better than your robotic double."

Sonic instantly gritted his teeth at him, retorting angrily, "I'll show you what I can do soon enough, needle nose!"

The blue hedgehog then charged towards Metal Sonic as it came towards him and attempted to take it down with another spin dash. But again, Metal Sonic negated his spin dash attack, as it too spun into a ball, causing both of them to bounce off of each other once more.

Nevertheless, Sonic refused to let this setback get to him. He then thought to himself, let's see that thing try and mimic me after I start running around it in circles!

Sonic sadly would get his wish. Within two seconds of him attempting to run around Metal Sonic to heavily confuse it, the blue spiky robot did the exact same thing, where it now ran around him, running even faster than what he was capable of.

In a true sense of irony, Sonic would now be the one ending up heavily confused. His eyes soon spun around again and again, making him very dizzy inside.

Seeing a golden opportunity, Snively now had Metal Sonic spin-dash the blue hedgehog with speed and power, hitting him from multiple angles.  Since the blue hedgehog's eyes were still spinning at the moment, he had no time to react. Instead, he quickly felt the blows one after the other in rapid succession.

Within five seconds, Sonic was then slammed the ground with a violent thud after Metal Sonic hit him with a spin dash attack from above on his back. By now, he was very beat up inside, even to the point the bump on his head was throbbing in pain.

Snively meanwhile brought back Metal Sonic on the right side of where he was standing, commenting gleefully to boast, "Well, well, well… looks like my little device worked better than I thought it would. And to think it did this much to you with just a simple Metal Sonic robot. Imagine what I could have done to your blue hide with Silver Sonic III."

Sonic during this time finally stood up, glaring at him angrily, as Snively added with a sneer, "I guess my little ugly hat isn't so useless after all, eh, blue boy?"

In spite of his stinging words, Sonic refused to bite on his comments, as the blue hedgehog said boldly in response while standing up, "I don't know how you made this metal faker of mine fight so smart like, but I'm putting a stop to it here and now!"

Snively then retorted to further mock him, "I doubt that, rodent, especially since now we're now on the same wavelength."

Sonic now gasped in disbelief, saying, "You don't mean to tell me that…"

"No more hints, Sonic." Snively remarked with a frown. "Now put up your quills and fight!"

Sonic then thought to himself, getting himself into fighting position with arched eyebrows, something tells me that goofy gear of Snobley's is the main culprit behind Metal Sonic fighting me so effortlessly now. Well, if that is the case, then I'll just trash it with a quick spin dash attack. Old needlenose won't be able to brag much after that.

A split second later, Metal Sonic now came charging in, making the blue hedgehog prepare to counter it, thinking to himself, Ok, here goes nothing…

Meanwhile downstairs, Sally now found herself in a big pickle. In spite of the fact the computer table was a deterrent to Silver Sonic III due being ordered by the mad doctor to go nowhere near it, that didn't stop Eggman from playing the X-factor in putting an end to that.

With Silver Sonic III blocking the right side of the room, Eggman soon crowded the left and told the squirrel Princess, "You're only delaying the inevitable, Princess. You can't protect your precious super computer and yourself at the exact same time!"

Sally knew deep down he was right, but wasn't about to concede to that point, not yet anyway.

Eggman then told her, "Your efforts may have been valiant, but it will soon be in vain." As he pointed to the counter, he added, "It's now less than forty five seconds from being fully charged. There's no way it can be stopped in time now."

Little did Eggman realize, Nicole wasn't about to give up on trying to stop him just yet.

The A.I lynx then put her risky plan into action. Using a calculated formula in her CPU, Nicole realized if she absorbed the power charge for about three seconds, it would more than likely result in her power supply being restored to near peak performance. However, the chances of it overloading her were still a strong possibility.

Nevertheless, Nicole knew it was now or never. She now quickly tapped her power supply into the main charge from the cannon, saying to herself, "Here goes nothing…"

While this was going on, Sally quickly shielded Nicole's portable computer shell with her body to protect her. Eggman figured she would do this, where he prepared his next move. He then attempted to grab the squirrel princess by the soles of her boots in order to heave her towards his huge Silver Sonic robot.

Sally however refused to budge, even slipping her feet out of her blue boots when Eggman started to get some leverage over her balance over the table.

Even so, Eggman quickly grabbed her now bare paws by the ankles after tossing her boots aside, saying with an angry grunt, "Foolish rodent, you really think that's going to be enough to slow me down?"

"No, but this will!" Sally retorted, holding her right arm up high.

In that moment, she then rammed her right elbow on the top of his head, making him quickly recoil. The mad doctor now held his aching head in pain, soon shouting at her in response, "OW! Why you little…!"

By this point, Eggman was done playing it safe. He then charged towards her all kamikaze like, bruised head and all, jumping onto the table to shove her off, as well smash Nicole with his boots.

Despite now being barefoot, Sally firmly held her ground, as she then met his charge head on, soon getting into a grappling match with him with both hands.

Eggman then tried to overpower the squirrel princess again, attempting to use his lower body strength to his advantage in order to push her off the table. Sally though refused to budge, using every bit of strength she had, even adrenaline if necessary to keep herself standing afoot.

Nicole meanwhile finally finished her transfer charge process. As an added safety precaution, the A.I lynx had trimmed her time from three seconds to 2.75. That move ironically would turn out to be a brilliant one, as it left her nearly fully charged in the process, at precisely 97%.

Now near full power, Nicole used her A.I prowess to the fullest, working as fast as she could to crack the encryption, in spite of the fact it was now at 99%, with less than twenty-five seconds from completion.

As for Sally and Eggman, they continued to grapple hard, but it continued to be a stalemate. Within seconds, the mad doctor decided to take a cheap shot to get her off balance, as he now raised his right foot to stomp on her bare feet.

Sally though saw him attempting this and quickly reacted, using slamming her right knee into his gut before he could stomp, causing Eggman to recoil backwards, holding his chest with both hands.

Sally then unloaded on him, jumping as high into the air as she could, where she then punched as hard as could between the eyes. Again, Eggman staggered back from the attack, but still wouldn't go down, as he now tried to keep his balance near the edge of the table.

Completely fed up inside, Sally now went for the jugular, as she kicked as hard as she could in the groin with her right paw. This time, Eggman not only went down, he went down hard, crashing to the floor in a heap of pain.

Just then, the cannon reached 100%, making the squirrel Princess gasped in horror while looking at it, asking Nicole, "Please tell me it's not too late to shut the cannon down"

"I cannot shut the cannon down, but I can permanently lock it out with a little more time." Nicole replied boldly.

At that moment, even Sally noticed the change in her friend's tone of voice, asking dumbfounded, "Nicole, what's happened to you? How come you sound so much vibrant now?"

"I don't have time to explain." Nicole told her, "but I will say I attempted an alternate method to help me stop the cannon. Sufficive to say, it worked."

Sally now smiled from ear to ear. Hearing this from her A.I best friend gave her renewed confidence.

Nevertheless, the squirrel princess quickly turned her head, and there she saw Eggman back on his feet, again coming after her, more enraged than ever.

As he growled loudly at her while coming closer, Nicole said briefly, "I'll need at least thirty seconds. Can you hold Eggman off in the meantime?"

"I'll do my best." Sally replied, now glaring firmly at the mad doctor. "For the sake of Mobius and its citizens, I will not go down without a fight."

Eggman meanwhile closed in a hurry. This time however, he wasn't going after Sally, but after Nicole, especially after her brief message just moments ago.

Within seconds, Eggman then attempted to shove the squirrel aside with both arms and smash Nicole's portable computer with his right fist soon after.

Sally however, was ready for Phase 1 of his plan, as she quickly jumped into the air to evade his arms. Then, when she saw him going after Nicole, she quickly landed, positioning her feet to land on his hands.

Eggman again recoiled from the attack, but wouldn't quit. He now grabbed Sally by the vest and shoved her against the wall from behind. This time, the squirrel Princess wasn't ready for this attack and couldn't counter it. Sally soon hit the ground in a heap, as she then heard Eggman order his Silver Sonic III, who was still waiting for his next command, "Cut her to pieces, now!"

Sally however played her cards well, as she quickly lunged at Eggman in response, now clutching his backside as tightly as possible to put him in a bind.

Eggman quickly tried to knock her off of him, but she wouldn't budge. To make matters worse, Silver Sonic III was now charging towards them, with his razor sharp blades sticking out Even when Eggman tried to kneel down with his back turned to the machine in order to have it cut Sally up that way, the squirrel Princess quickly reacted, as she dug her bare paws into his jacket pockets, using it as leverage to leap over him and onto the table again.

Eggman then turned around and saw the Silver Sonic III was within three feet of cutting him up. He quickly put a hand up, shouting at it, "Stop, you hunk of junk!"

Fortunately for him, it did, as Silver Sonic III quickly came to a stop, now at a standstill.

However, his troubles were far from over. Just then, he heard Nicole announce unwisely, "I have cracked the encryption of the program, Sally. Now attempting to permanently lock out Death Egg Cannon."

"NO!" Eggman roared in response.

In that moment, the mad doctor was determined to rip out her connecting wires and shut her down for good. Sally though attempted to stop him again, placing her body in front of him to shield her.

Eggman however would not let that slow him down. He then used his right hand to shove her against the far right corner of the computer table. Sally sadly was not ready for this move, where she soon hit that wall with a thud, momentarily stunning her.

As for Nicole, she was within five seconds of completing her task, but Eggman finally put a stop to it, as he abruptly ripped out the connecting USB wires from his computer.

Sally meanwhile finally shook her head to clear her vision, and there she saw Eggman now holding Nicole in his grasp. She then gasped in horror, as Eggman added, "Say goodbye to your precious super computer, rodent!"

Sally quickly shouted out, extending her right hand in the process, "No, stop!"

Eggman though wouldn't be deterred in the least, as he then heaved Nicole's portable to the right wall of the computer room as hard as he can, attempting to smash her against it.

Sally again let out a shout, yelling, "NO!"

In that moment, she quickly threw herself in front of the wall, trying desperately to take the brunt of the impact for her best A.I friend. Sadly, her efforts were in vain. The best she could do was that both of her hands were able to absorb the toss, hitting both of them, but it still wasn't enough to protect Nicole from hitting the wall. Within moments, the portable computer shell of Nicole hit the wall hard, where it soon crashed to the floor in a heap."

"No, Nicole!" Sally by this time had hit the ground herself, where she nonetheless ran to her A.I friend, barefoot and all.

Eggman meanwhile let out a chuckle, saying in a triumphant manner, "Looks like I win, Princess. Your so called super computer wasn't fast enough to stop me."

Sally during this time, checked on the condition of Nicole, asking of her, "Are you ok? Please tell me you're still functioning."

Thankfully, Nicole's A.I program was still functioning, but was now seriously malfunctioning at the same time, replying in a warped tone of voice, "Assessing damage control."

Sally by this time began to feel a deep panic inside of her. Her best efforts sadly apparently looked as they had been for nothing.

Eggman meanwhile said to savor the moment, "You know, I'm very tempted to have Silver Sonic III cut up you now, but then you wouldn't the privilege of seeing me press the button."

As Sally gasped in horror, the mad doctor added with a vile grin on his face, "And besides what fun would there be in destroying New Mobotropolis without seeing a look of utter despair from the very Princess who's supposed to protect them?"

Sally sadly could do nothing but shout, "No!" while extending her right hand towards him as she saw Eggman walking over towards the button, replying icily, "And thus begins the new reign of the Eggman Empire!"

And with that statement, the mad doctor walked over to the button to press it.

However, he would receive abrupt interference before he could. Out of nowhere, Sally's backup help finally arrived, as Bunnie finally came flying in, where she then used her metal feet after blasting in to slam Silver Sonic III at top speed.

"What the…?"

Before Eggman knew what just hit him, Bunnie had sent Silver Sonic III violently crashing into the wall near Sally and Nicole, where it soon hit the ground with a thud, now heavily sparking in the process. Then a split second later, the cyborg rabbit grabbed Eggman by the neck with her metal hand, squeezing it slightly to cut off his air supply.

As the mad doctor gasped for air, Sally exclaimed happily, "Bunnie! Boy am I glad to see you!"

"Sorry I couldn't get here sooner, Sally girl." Bunnie replied. "This nasty scientist blocked my path with his confounded elevators doors."

Indeed he had. Up until this point, the cyborg rabbit basically had to use every bit of strength of her robotic strength to blast through last elevator door with her robotics, eventually putting a big enough sized hole in it to get past it.

Moments later, Eggman again attempted to press the button nearby his computer table, in spite of the fact Bunnie constrained him by having a tight grip around his windpipe.

The cyborg rabbit though quickly saw him reaching for the button after seeing his right arm extend forward, saying with an aggressive yank backwards angrily with her metal arm, "Oh no you don't! Get over here!"

Bunnie had pulled on the back of his neck so abruptly, she about pinched some nerves off around it in the process. That ironically though, wouldn't have been such a bad thing.

Bunnie then declared to Eggman with rage in her eyes after dragging him five feet away from the table, who was still trying to get enough air from his windpipe, "The game's over, you sicko! You're not vaporizing no Mobian as long as I'm here!'

Moments later, she turned to Sally and asked, "Were you and Nicole able to lockout the cannon?"

Sally quickly shook her head in sadness, replying with a heavy, "Unfortunately not. Nicole almost succeeded, but Eggman tried to destroy her by heaving her portable shell against the wall."

The squirrel Princess then added with a disheartening sigh, "He really did a number on Nicole to put it lightly. I'm really worried about her now."

"I see…" At that moment, the cyborg rabbit too felt deep concern for Nicole, as she also wondered how devastating her current condition was at the moment.

Moments later, Bunnie noticed Sally's lack of walk attire, inquiring awkwardly, "Um, I don't mean to change the subject here, but if you don't me asking, why are you barefoot now?"

"Never mind that." Sally said in response. "We've got to find an alternative way to stop the cannon program from firing."

"Well, do you have any suggestions then?" Bunnie inquired. "Ah'm all ears."

Sally during this time finally put her boots back on, now putting a hand on her chin to think. She then said, shaking her head again, "I got nothing. There's no way for Nicole to lock out the program now. The only thing I can think of is keeping Eggman away from the button, but that's easier said than done."

Bunnie soon spoke up, suggesting, "Wait just a minute… what if we break the button so Eggman couldn't press it?"

Sally quickly flashed a smile at that notion, replying, "You know, that just might be crazy enough to work…"

"Ok then, let's… Sally look out!" Bunnie shouted, soon glancing behind her.

At that moment, Silver Sonic III finally stood up after the cyborg rabbit's jolting kick, now attempting to cut the two Freedom Fighter gals to pieces.

Sally meanwhile jumped onto the table, as the large silver robot came flying in. Bunnie meanwhile decided to use her current situation to her advantage, putting Eggman in its path.

Eggman instantly panicked, shouting at his robot as loud as he could in spite of having a metal hand around his neck, waving at it in a panic, "Get back! Get back! I command you to turn around!"

Not surprisingly, Silver Sonic III obeyed, where it soon turned around, as Eggman soon added, "Stand down until further instructions."

Again, it obeyed him, now hovering back towards the right side of the room.

"Very clever of you, Doctor." Sally stated with a frown. "But you're not off the hook by a long shot."

Sally then said firmly while still on the table, now looking him in the eye, "You're going to at the very least stand trial for your crimes. And this time, you can be assured there will no mercy in store for you."

Eggman fully knew she meant by this, but kept his composure nonetheless.

"You were right in saying I shouldn't go on easy on you when you pretended to be insane." Sally added. "Going easy on maniacs like you only leads to trouble, like the one were currently in now."

Bunnie then said to rub it in his face, "I cannot wait to see you on trial, you nasty scientist. Seeing you get the needle is soon going to be nothing short of sweet satisfaction."

This time, Eggman did panic a bit inside, soon saying while trying to catch his breath, "Ok, ok, I get it. How bout we make a deal then?"

"Forget it!" Bunnie retorted, slightly tightening the grip around his neck. "We're not making deals with no nuts like you!"

"No, I'm serious here!" Eggman stated loudly. "I have some information that might help you with your current problem in New Mobotropolis."

"What exactly are you talking about?" Sally inquired, looking at him with arched eyebrows. What information could you possibly have that we would be the slight bit interested in?"

"I know Naugus is trying to reclaim his rightful place as King of your city." The mad doctor explained with a wheeze.

"And how would you know about that?" the squirrel Princess demanded, now more angry than before. "Are you trying to tell us something here?"

"Yes." Eggman replied. "Naugus and I currently have an alliance."

"WHAT?" Both Bunnie and Sally said in this unison, completely dumbfounded inside.

"You must be joking!" Sally interjected. "You mean to tell me this is a joint attack on our city by the two of you?"

"Precisely…" Eggman answered. "The reason I bring this up is because I can be a powerful witness against that rotten wizard. If they know I'm working with Naugus, the citizens will quickly turn on him, thus ending your problem of him trying to rule the city."

"Why would you even care about that since you were just moments ago going to vaporize the city with a push of the button?" Sally demanded.

"Hey, just because I have an alliance with Naugus doesn't mean I planned to fully honor it." Eggman explained. "Besides, that was a last resort move on my part anyhow, which you ended up forcing my hand to use after blowing up my roboticizing ray."

Not surprisingly, neither Sally nor Bunnie were ready to believe him, nor his words for that matter.

"You're just trying to bluff us again." Sally stated angrily. "I'm not buying it."

"Me neither." Bunnie said, adding her two cents.

Eggman though wasn't ready to quit bargaining, as he said with a straight face, "Look, I'll surrender to you all right now if you give me a chance to prove myself."

"Oh, sure you will…" Sally retorted with a fierce glare, crossing her arms together, quickly adding while glancing at her best friend, "I think we're done here."

"Darn tootin." Bunnie added again.

"I'm serious here." Eggman reiterated intently. "I'll even show you the easiest way to rip out the button if you don't believe me."

Sally now full out called his bluff, saying with another glare at him, "Prove it, Doctor."

Eggman again struggled to catch his breath, replying with a gasp, "If you look at the top of it, you'll see a tiny crevice around the button. You can use your fingers to rip it out that way with a little elbow grease."

Sally quickly ran towards it to confirm his story. Sure enough, it was exactly as he had said. This in an effect though made the squirrel Princess deeply arch her eyebrows.

She then demanded, glaring at Eggman again, "Ok, Eggman, what's the catch? How did you know about that?"

"Simple. I just know the ins and outs of my Death Egg." Eggman explained.

Bunnie soon spoke up I response, inquiring, "You think we ought to take him up on his word, Sally girl?"

Since Eggman had been completely honest here, Sally decided to indeed give it a shot. She then said to her best friend with a nod, "Go ahead and use your robotic arm since it should rip it out with ease."

"If you say so…" Bunnie quickly did as she was told; using the cybernetics of her metal arm to extend towards the button, where she soon put several of her fingers around the crevice, now ready to pull it out.

Bunnie had to switch during arms during this time, now having her non roboticized hand around his neck as she did this.

Before she went to work on it though, the cyborg rabbit instructed her best friend, "Watch him closely in case he tries anything."

Sally quickly nodded her head in agreement, doing just that.

However, the squirrel Princess couldn't fully keep her mind on watching him at the moment. She unwisely glanced down at Nicole's heavily damaged shell currently in her hands, making her sigh heavily in sadness at the sight of it.

What made it worse was that Nicole was now shorting in and out, only adding to Sally's concern.

That unfortunately, would be the least of her problems.

Eggman soon noticed Sally wasn't fully paying attention to him. Deciding to take clear advantage of this, Eggman quickly reacted, as he used his right elbow as hard as he could, ramming the butt end of it at the underside of Bunnie's chin.

Bunnie during this time had begun to rip out the button with ease, as ¼ of it was now peeled off. However, since the mad doctor had seriously jolted her with his elbow, the cyborg rabbit recoiled in response, currently stunned by the abrupt attack.

Eggman then got free of her grasp and quickly shoved Bunnie to the ground in one quick swoop.

Sally meanwhile during this time finally looked in shock, shouting in horror, "Bunnie!"

Moments later, Eggman ordered his Silver Sonic III, pointing at the cyborg rabbit, "Cut this rodent to pieces, my special robot!"

Silver Sonic III quickly responded to his command, now coming after Bunnie with a spin dash attack. Bunnie thankfully during this time got back on her feet, where she prepared to do battle with this silver monstrosity yet again.

Sally now growled loudly in disgust, placing Nicole back on her boot in response to this abrupt turn of events. She then saw Eggman going for the button again on the table again, but the squirrel Princess blocked his path with her body again, saying in anger soon after, "I should have you known you would try to escape if you got the chance!"

"You should have also known to keep your eyes on me at all times, rodent." Eggman shot back with a vile grin. "You never know when I'll play dirty again."

"When I get my hands on you, I'll see to it you still pay in full for this little stunt of yours," Sally reiterated sharply, "alliance or no alliance with Naugus!"

"Ah yes, about that…" Eggman said, trying to keep from grinning at her now. "You should know, I actually made the whole story up."

"You what?"

Eggman now let out a hearty chuckle, retorting icily, "You're such a sap, Princess. You're too trustworthy for your own good. I knew you'd believe me if I made the story believable enough. You should have just stuck to your guns and taken me out."

Sally again growled softly at him, as Eggman added, "Not to mention you being a softie is going to cost your little friend here dearly too soon enough. She won't be able to fend off Silver Sonic III for too much longer, not if I have anything to say anything about it anyway."

By this point, the squirrel Princess finally lost her cool, shouting at him, "Forget about taking you to trial. I'm going to execute you myself, right here, right now!"

Again, Eggman laughed heartily at her, retorting, "Ha! Good luck. I doubt you'll be able to do that, especially with my best robot currently in the room now. You probably won't even be able to stop me from pressing the button either."

Sally though wasn't about to back down from his boastful words, declaring with a hiss, "For the sake of my friends and people, I will take you out. One way or another, you're going down. Mark my words!"

"Then let's see it, Princess." Eggman dared, glaring at her with another grin on his face. "Show me what you're really made of!"

It was now the moment of truth. With so much currently at stake, Sally knew she had to step up and deliver at this very moment. There would be no more second chances. It was now or never.
I was hoping this would be the last part of Part 2, but sadly it won't fit. >_<

Anyway, hope you like it.

The final part of Part 2 will be out within a couple of days.
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MetalSkulkBane Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
This time I have less to say.
Fist bit is just a long fighting. It's ok, but I have yet to see a fanfic with battle that would really satisfy me.

And then we have fight Sally and Eggman. I commented before about it, but now Silver Sonic is in the room... and he can't do anything because of computers. So now he waits for his popcorn to watch continuation of slap fight between Ivo and Sal. I get that you're putting big focus on logical writing, but how about "cool" writing. Fat guy pulling yanking someone's leg when giant robot just sits in a corner isn't exactly epic.

And then there is revelation that if Silver destroyed those computers, cannon would stop. If that is true then why the hell Sally didn't destroyed them? Ok, you can say that they are durable enough. That's fine for me, but you few times complained that someone "didn't even tried" to try alternative option, so why it's ok when you do it. (I know, I'm mean now.)
And then Bunnie joins the club. Now they really should destroy computer with ease.

Last thing repetitive dialog. I get that you think that Flynn made characters heartless, but your Sally constantly talk or thinks how she can't let Sonic/friend/Mobotropolis down. 
Ok, I didn't counted, so maybe I'm wrong (I'll be doing it with next part). However I did count that Eggman said three time to Silver to "Cut to pieces" some person.
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student Writer
Ok, fine, you got me here. I should've had Eggman order Silver Sonic to grab Sally and then cut her to pieces after tossing her across the room. I guess I assumed Eggman would be arrogant enough to think he could get Sally off of that computer himself. I mean, he is very egotistical. 

True, I suppose I should've had Sally try to break the computer herself, but your assessment is correct. Those computers are heavy duty and Sally had no weapon to hit it with. So, her trying to destroy it would be futile. Granted, I should have mentioned that. ^^;

Alright, you got me there too. Dialogue is sadly not of my stronger suits. I mean, I try to keep it fresh and creative, but there's only so many sayings you can have during a battle before you have to end up repeating yourself somewhat.

As for the cut to pieces line... well, what else could have Eggman said? Dice her up with your blades? Shred her into squirrel meat? Actually, those are pretty decent alternative lines now that I think about it.
bobstrong33 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
How did I not know about the Sonic Comic Book? My kids used to be addicted to the Sega Genesis game. The comic books would have made the perfect Christmas gifts for them.…
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Student Writer
Ermm... I have to disagree with that. The Sonic comic is not that good, at least not for awhile now.

If they loved Sonic, then I would recommend the Sonic Satam DVD collection instead. It's not the greatest of shows, but it's really a solid show nonetheless.
jeffreythefox1012 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012
pretty good(so much better then the real 230)
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you. :)

I'll try to have 2C done by tommorrow.
jeffreythefox1012 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012
you're welcome and ok
ToaArcan Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Again, everyone's in-character, and the cliffhangers are good.
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you.

I appreciate it.
ToaArcan Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome.
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My biggest criticism in this chapter was when Bunnie showed up and Sally had that great length of time to fill her in on what is happening.
it just felt like Eggman would have had too long to press the button in that amount of time, as opposed to him being suddenly surprised about them moving.

Oh yea, and what do you think of War in the Heavens? I uploaded part one (after the prologue) to the group.
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Student Writer
Anyway, I do like your story somewhat.

You're pretty good at portraying Tails.
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's tough to strike the balance between his 'freedom fighter' side and his 'ruthless get the job done' side.
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Student Writer
Very true.
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
At least it' still making a modicum of sense.
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Student Writer

Anyway, just curious, what do you think I should have done differently during the scene where Bunnie restrained Eggman while Sally explained what was going on to her to make it more believable?
battlebrothertherix Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The best way for me to do this is to compare the scene with how I would have written it (just those few lines), though don't feel compelled to make the changes, it's just my opinion:

Bunnie then declared to Eggman with rage in her eyes, who was still trying to get enough air from his windpipe, "The game's over, you sicko! You're not vaporizing no Mobian as long as I'm here!'
[I kept the first line the same, I thought that worked well]

She spun on her heels, "did you stop it from charging?" her voice was almost frantic.
[I edited this like to make it seem a bit faster, and it wasn't necessary to mention the cannon, both parties (Bunnie & Sally) knowing what 'it' is]

The reply came in the form of a shaking head, "Close; Eggman almost smashed her and broke the connection." her breath came in heaving draughts, a consequence of the recent combat.
[Again, edited this line, considering the situation, it would be unlikely she would provide a detailed explanation on what went wrong; all that matters is that something went wrong at that point.]

"I see…" it was then Bunnie noticed Sally's lack of footware, inquiring awkwardly, "Uh, the boots?"
[All I did here was a small change in vocab, to make it a little snappier]

"Is this really the time?" Sally wheezed, still recovering, "we need to stop the cannon!"
[Here I put emphasis on Sally's fighting damage, and put a little banter in at the start of the line]

"Ah'm all ears, sugah."
[This was a real cut-off, I removed the narrative, because we know it is Bunnie speaking. To help show it, I also added her accent a little]

Retrieving her boots, Sally's mind was rifling through whatever she could think of. "No idea how." she stated finally, "we can't stop the charging, all we can do is keep Eggie away from the button."
[I gave a glimmer of hope at the start, but dashed it to give a sense of how precarious the situation is]

Glancing at the Doctor, who was rapidly turning a deep shade of purple, Bunnie had an idea, "Wait just a minute… what if we broke the button so Eggman couldn't press it?"
[Again, just an elaboration on what you did, making sure we all know Robotnik's situation]

As before, this is only how I would have done it.
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Student Writer
I like it.

You made some solid modifications here.

Anyway, I do admit I kinda rushed this part of the chapter a little bit.

That was a mistake I shouldn't have made. ^^;

I didn't factor in enough proof to show how Bunnie and Sally was able to keep Eggman away by the button completely.

Technically, he was still close by it when Bunnie grabbed him by the neck, so that was a plothole I should have addressed with a bit more detail.

Thank you for pointing that part out.

I'll rewrite that scene a little bit to make it more believable.
(1 Reply)
SonicSatamX93 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Student Writer
Well, I did have it so Bunnie had Eggman by the throat with her robotic

That would make it somewhat hard to move I believe.

But yea, perhaps I could have shortened the length a little bit.
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